For a queue As Kurt Cobain said, known for feeling stupid and contagious, Generation X has thoroughly brag about itself. Our generation is often underestimated in popular demographics, and this has officially become a source of performance pleasure.

Of course, we will always be ignored. The larger, louder, heavier branded generation — baby boomers before us, and our successor millennials — lean towards Hoover and drain all the oxygen. But our invisibility also means that we are rarely blamed.

We secretly do our ordinary, too human things (for each Zadie Smith or Monica Lewinsky, there is a Ted Cruz or Alex Jones), and the baby boomers consume all resources as usual-including the country Deep contempt reserves. Mainly for them. These two ethnic groups are also loved by pollsters: polls focus on people over 65 and under 34, completely excluding people aged 35 to 64, making us a chronological flyover country.

But our mark in the world is still obvious, even in unexpected places.Let me point you Tik Tok, The return of Gen X is suppressed.

Even though “TikTok generation” is becoming more and more synonymous with itself-the meaning of this word is similar to “damn young”- Founder Among funny video sharing platforms, Zhang Yiming, who was born in 1983, is almost generation X, or at least xennial. (Generation itself is stupid and contagious.) Moreover, the new CEO Liang Rubo is Zhang’s roommate. Very X generation stick to your youth tribe. This is the best way to ensure that everyone can refer to tacky childhood things such as trash can children. seeing is believing, And of course the Lancangjiang-Gengma earthquake.

(Well, look, this is Gen X, Letterman humor.)

Immerse yourself in TikTok and you will see the boisterous return of old themes from the 90s: self-barbarism, contempt for the rich, anti-commercialism, open mental illness, and all kinds of irony. Although the term TikTok itself scares the baby boomers who are keen to give talks on Facebook and the millennials who are committed to building a brand image on Instagram, TikTok’s endless lazy scrolling smells like adolescent spirits . This is very attractive to Gen X who are turning to reading glasses and forget their names.

In fact, TikTok is the comfort zone of Gen X. When we are most self-fulfilling, we only like the comfort zone. Don’t bother them, don’t bother them, don’t let them pay attention or hygge, just sit on them and don’t take a shower, do something like self-not caring. TikTok can be part of this familiar catatonia, 65 million you.

I admit that I am succumbing to the spiritual laziness of generational classification. But come on: it’s all too obvious, Clinton-era equipment is all over TikTok. It’s not just high-rise jeans and crop tops. For example, #nonbinary videos are full of the clothing styles of Grace Jones, Prince, Eddie Izzard, Kurt Cobain, RuPaul, Boy George, Annie Lennox. You will feel that sometimes, non-dual life is called a function of indifference, just like in the age of garbage. Our icons behave as if they are too cold, too cool, and may be too tall to choose one side. What can i say?Everyone is gay.

Also heavily quoted on #nonbinary TikTok is the gender expression version of Jennie Livingston’s 1990 document. Paris is burning, And of course Madonna, she ordered all binaries to be dissolved on the dance floor:

No matter if you are black or white If you are a boy or a girl If the music plays, it will give you new life You are a superstar Yes, this is you, you know.

This makes us dance. If your Gen X memories are heavy on triad independent singer-songwriters, you may have forgotten the grooves in your heart. The spirit of the dance club has also injected vitality into TikTok, after all, it is the product of a parent company called ByteDance.

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