Why does it seem like a lot of men hate shaving because I know my dad shaves every day with a straight razor? To answer this question, I asked my boyfriend and some of his friends the answers, because I want more than a point of view. I’ve come to the conclusion that most men see it as a bloody torture chamber.ok i went a bit too far because all i thought when i heard the replies was guys try Get hair removal wax!

But seriously. Common answers are problems that occur during or after shaving. So I’ve also joined some experts to help me better understand men’s most common shaving problems and how to fix them to give you the best shaving tips.

Don’t shave first thing in the morning
I know what you’re thinking. I only have so much time to go to work, and I don’t get up hours early to prepare for the day like you women do.

Well, calm down, because I only spoke for 10 minutes. Your skin will be puffy when you wake up, so if you want less nicks, you’ll need to let the skin settle a bit. Instead, first, have some coffee!

Common shaving problems for men
This leads to many different proposals. So I will share some of them.

First, those pesky ingrown hairs. The common conclusion of everyone I talked to was that some men have ingrown hairs no matter what they try. My boyfriend will prove it!

However, there are a few tricks you can take to shave less for a more comfortable shaving experience.

How men treat ingrown hairs after shaving

How do you treat ingrown hairs after shaving?

shaving angle problem
Learn how hair grows. So it’s not always consistent; the 90 degree angle, some like to curl, makes it easier for those bad boys to irritate the skin and turn into ingrown hairs. So pay attention.

Yes, I know men don’t need help with directions! However, some men do need guidance when it comes to shaving. As most people think, because if you don’t, they’ll probably shave closer. However, you are more likely to get razor burns or ingrown hairs.

The correct direction to avoid irritation is to shave with the grain—that is, in the direction of hair growth.

Knowledge is a shower
Yes, a bit of humor. But the recommended time for shaving is in the shower or after, as warm water will open pores and create a cleaner surface for shaving.

Calm down
I know this might seem hypocritical because I just said showers.But hot water can over-dry the skin, causing irritation, including rupture of tiny blood vessels near the skin’s surface (Now you can scream like a girl). So stick to warm facial skin.

soften facial hair
Softens facial hair for frizz-prone hair and prevents hair growth. After soaking in water, your hair swells and softens, making it easier for your razor blades to cut. And make sure to use shaving cream to help keep the moisture in your hair.

How to Use a Razor Safely When Shaving, Barbie Grooming Tips

How to use a razor safely when shaving

Shaving with a turtle mentality
Tip 1: Slow and steady wins
People who suffer razor burns tend to be those who shave at 100 miles per hour and use long, sweeping strokes. To slow things down, you want to shave with a short stroke, ideally about 2cm in length.

Tip 2: No time for a morning run
Sorry, no quick steps here, because another common mistake is that many men apply shaving cream and start shaving right away. stop. Instead, take a few minutes to let the shaving cream absorb and soften your facial hair—you don’t want to feel like you’re shaving a porcupine.

harder not better
Boy, is this a lesson for men who have a lot going on? But in the case of shaving, you press, not press.

According to the dermatologists and barbers I spoke with, they all agreed that most men think they need to work harder to get a tighter shave.

Maybe some got it from dad with an old razor, but today’s razors are made to work with minimal stress. Shave more easily with just one push to keep the blades in proper contact with the skin. So guys, while we all know you like to be in control, now is not the time. Instead, let the blades do their job.

save the best for last
The area around the mouth can be sensitive. By shaving your upper lip and around your mouth at the end of your shave, you can let the shaving gel soak in longer, further softening facial hair and making it easier to trim.

Simple Skincare Tips for Men, Barbie Beauty Tips

Take your time with some skin care products
I know some of you are thinking, Barbie, that’s a silly statement, but I was thinking ironically, and finally I see, men have skin.

I know skincare can be overwhelming, so I suggest a way to crawl, walk, and run when it comes Self-Care Beauty Essentials. If the treatment regimen is too complicated, most men will give up before starting.

For starters, it has the right mindset, rather than seeing it as anti-aging, and you “have to” There is a skin care routine.

Look at skincare the same way you maintain your car or home, including care and maintenance.

For example, exfoliating. Exfoliators are used for skin care the same way a sander is used to apply on drywall.they remove any debris (Dead skin cells and clogged pores), leaving a smoother, softer surface. This will give you a tighter shave, which equals smoother, younger-looking skin.

moisture, moisture, moisture
Shaving doesn’t just remove hair: it also removes moisture, leaving skin feeling tight, dry and inflamed. After shaving, apply a moisturizing product to replenish skin moisture.

Like protecting a parka or car tires. With shaving cream, pre-shave oil, and moisturizing shaving gel, your skin needs regular protection to stay fresh.

Armed with Arsenal
No guns here, but a razor magazine. You don’t want to be cheap anymore.So invest in a quality shaver It is necessary to avoid scratches, razor burns and other skin problems.

Best Shaving Subscriptions for Men, Barbie Grooming Products

Blue Shave Club Subscription
In addition to the tips above, the best way to get a close shave is to use a sharp, clean blade or cartridge.and razor subscription boxlike The Blue Shave Club, to the rescue!

We’ve all been there: you have a drawer full of razors, but none of them seem to be up to the job. Or, you realize you used your last good blade when you’re running late for work.

A razor subscription, which lets you have new blades delivered to your door before you run out, is worth signing up because every man deserves a quality shave, and this set from Blue Shave will deliver just that.

Premium Razor Blades
Blue Shave Club delivered monthly 5 blade replacement ink cartridge supply allows you to handle your shaving problems with precision and care. The 5-Blade features lube bars to reduce friction and irritation, and is designed for precise shaves that require fewer strokes. it is also…

  • Great for those with longer and thicker hair
  • With sharp and precise blades
  • Rinse and clean easily
  • Provides a slim profile for hard-to-shave areas

High quality razor handle
Every blade needs its handle, and the days of holding a razor and aiming for the best are over.as Blue Shave offers a weighted shaver handle Textured rubber grip so it won’t slip off wet hands.

My boyfriend loves the heaviness of the blue razor handle as it makes control more manageable. The reusable shaver handle and multi-blade shaver refill rotates to shave those delicate and hard-to-reach spots above the edges of the lips or sideburns, even for someone with sensitive skin like him Safe, tight shave.

Why Men Need a Shaving Brush, Barbie Grooming Bits

Invest in a shaving brush
Your shaver deserves the perfect companion, and shaving brush Is the ideal match! They’re the best way to create a rich, creamy lather while helping hair grow in preparation for a shave! A shaving brush also helps exfoliate! See how I sneak skincare in?

So no more excuses to run out of quality razors, because the Blue Razor Club is here to the rescue. Oh, and you’ll do something good too, because the social mission of this subscription is to support our law enforcement men in blue. They donate 10% of their proceeds to various law enforcement support groups.

Your skin may be clean and shaved, but your towel is
After shaving your face, it’s best to pat dry with a clean towel, but is your cloth clean? Towels can be an ideal nesting place for mold, bacteria, and more. The last thing you want to do is put it back on your clean, shaved face and open pores.

Yes, it may seem simple, but a clean, fresh towel is a must after every shave, because in addition to infections and blemishes, bacteria can cause inflammation that can lead to premature aging!

add them up
Even if you’ve been shaving for years, what you’ve learned isn’t as deep as the above. But it should be, including the best tools like a shave subscription for the perfect shave.

Now is your chance to catch up. Five o’clock shade aside for a chance to show off a chiseled chin, consider these men’s shaving tips from Barbie’s Beauty Bits for the best shave.