Organizers said that the first case of the virus was discovered in the Paralympic Village a few days before the opening of the Olympic Games on August 24.

Organizers said that a few days before the opening of the Paralympic Games, the first coronavirus case was detected in the Paralympic Village because Japan is fighting a record wave of infections.

According to organizers, the case discovered on Thursday involved a non-Japanese resident staff member related to the Olympics, but did not provide more details.

To date, the organizers have reported 74 Paralympic-related cases, most of which were contractors and Olympic staff living in Japan. The local training camp team reported another six cases.

The village was opened to Paralympic athletes on Tuesday, and no cases of athlete infection have been reported.

The French and Cuban teams participating in the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games arrive at Narita Airport, Narita City, Chiba Prefecture [STR/JIJI Press/AFP]

From August 24 to September 5, the Tokyo Olympics will have about 4,400 athletes from 160 teams participating.

People living in the village will be required to be tested for COVID-19 every day, wear masks and maintain social distancing, just like during the Olympic Games, which ends on August 8.

The Paralympics began about two weeks after the Olympics ended, and organizers said they could prevent any major spread of infection through strict anti-virus measures.

So far, 546 positive cases related to the Olympics have been reported. Some experts believe that hosting the Olympics has weakened the government’s information on virus rules and caused a surge in domestic infections.

In recent days, Japan has recorded more than 20,000 virus cases every day, more than ever before. The government has expanded the virus emergency to 13 regions until September 12.

This measure has greatly shortened the business hours of restaurants and bars and prohibited them from selling alcohol. However, experts have questioned the effectiveness of these restrictions, and cases continue to increase.

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