The leader praised the achievements of GB team athletes in “the most complex, challenging and difficult environment”; GB team ranked on the Tokyo 2020 Olympic medal list with 22 gold medals, 21 silver medals and 22 bronze medals fourth

Last update: 08/08/21 10:30am

Jason Kenny and boxer Lauren Price ensure that the British team completes the final day of the Olympics with two other gold medals

After Jason Kenny and Lauren Price won the gold medals on the last day of the Tokyo Olympics, the chef of the GB team, Chef de Mission Mark England, praised “Britain The greatest achievement in the history of the Olympic Games”.

The total number of medals is comparable to the number of medals won by the British team in the 2012 home Olympics in London, only two less than the total medals of the 2016 Rio Olympics, breaking the low-end goal of 51 in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

“After Beijing, we didn’t know that British athletes would win 65 medals in London,” England said.

“We know that we are in good shape in Rio, but we have never had such an experience before, matching and surpassing the number of medals in London.

“I just think it’s absolutely extraordinary to complete this Olympics with two gold medals and 65 medals for this team.

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“This team not only made history, but it may also make history in the most complex, challenging and difficult environment I will definitely face in my lifetime.

“It has overcome all difficulties. I think this is the greatest achievement in the history of the British Olympics. This is a miracle in Tokyo. It’s great to be here.”

In addition to some record-breaking players such as Laura, Jason Kenny and Charlotte Dujardin, England also pays special tribute to those who have come forward to win the bronze medal, and think this is something for Paris. A good sign three years later.

“In Rio, we won huge medals on some days, and on another day we may only have one or two medals,” England added.

“But Bryony Pages of this team won a bronze medal after she won the silver medal in Rio, and the women’s rhythmic gymnastics team won a bronze medal with two 16-year-old twins-keeping the scoreboard always on. The ticking makes everyone believe that this team is in good shape.

“We have won 16 fourth places. This is a very, very young team and a very talented team. I am absolutely confident that this team will be there in less than three years. Paris did a great job.”

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