Phil Mickelson will participate in the “Competition” for the fourth time since becoming an event in 2018. Tiger Woods will not participate in the race after recovering from a car accident on February 23, but Mickelson’s opponents will be very exciting to watch.

The 27-year-old Bryson DeChambeau will face the 51-year-old Mickelson, but the longest driver on the PGA Tour (322.4 yards per tee) will not be the only participant. A pair of MVP NFL quarterbacks will join the ranks of these two Grand Slam champion golfers.

Tom Brady will replay Mickelson’s winger in “Game 2”. Aaron Rodgers will work with DeChambeau to make things interesting.

“Game 4” should be an exciting battle, and the combination of DeChambeau and Rogers may be the most interesting pair to date. Here is all the information you need to know about the event, including how to watch the event, the results before the “match” and the performance of Rogers and Brady in golf.

Bryson DeChambeau vs. Phil Mickelson match date 2022

  • date: Tuesday, July 6
  • time: 5 p.m. EST

“Game 4” will be held on Tuesday, July 6, two days after the scheduled end of the Detroit Rockets Mortgage Classic, where DeChambeau hopes to defend his 2020 title and the start of the Illinois John Deere Classic Two days ago. The report of the event will be held at Big Sky, Montana at 5pm EST (3pm EST).

How to watch “Game 4”

The “Game” will be broadcast on several networks of the Turner Sports family. TNT, TBS and truTV will all host the event. Those who don’t have cable TV can broadcast events live on fuboTV, Provide 7-day free trial.

Players will wear the microphone again, and the broadcaster will have access to all their conversations. In addition, players can communicate with other golfers and broadcast team members during the game.

Where is the “4th game” in 2022?

  • location: Moonlight Basin Reserve, Big Sky, Monte.

“Game 4” will be held in the Sanctuary of the Big Sky Moonlight Basin in Monte. The course was designed by Jack Nicklaus in 2016 and is 7,500 feet above sea level. There are many elevation changes on the court. It also has a 777-yard par 5, and since the kick-off distance is a few hundred yards downhill, the playing time is significantly shortened.

Due to the downhill tees and altitude on the court, it will be fun to watch the game of the big name DeChambeau. He can provide ridiculous driving numbers.

“Game 4” format

The match will be a match play between Mickelson Brady and DeChambeau Rogers. Both sides will play 18 holes and will use the modified alternate scoring system.

In alternate shot match play, the partners will alternately hit the same ball throughout the round. The player who did not hit the best shot on the tee will make a second shot. The team with the fewest combined scores will win the hole.

2022 “Game 4” wallet: how much money will be raised for charity?

At present, it is not clear how much money “Game 4” will raise for charity. The prize for the first game was 9 million dollars, and the winner took it home. The second edition of the event raised US$20 million for COVID-19 relief. The third iteration raised $4.4 million, benefiting historically black colleges and universities (HBCU).

The proceeds of “The Match 4” will be donated to Feed America And other charities.

Odds for the golf match between Bryson DeChambeau-Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady-Phil Mickelson

Unsurprisingly, the team led by Mickelson was once again at a disadvantage in the “game.” DraftKings sports betting Listed the DeChambeau-Rodgers pair as a favorite of -182. Mickelson and Brady started with a +132 disadvantage.

Who won the “competition” of previous years?

Mickelson tops the list In the first edition. The left-hander defeated Tiger on 22 holes and brought back the entire $9 million prize.

Woods avenged his revenge in May 2020. He teamed up with Peyton Manning to defeat Mickelson and Brady by 1. After Woods and Manning established the lead, Brady and Mickelson worked hard to get back into the game, but they couldn’t make up the gap.

Woods missed the “third game” in November 2020, so Mickelson teamed up with Charles Barkley and succeeded Manning and Stephen Curry. Despite partnering with the notoriously bad golfer Barkley, Mickelson defeated MVP 4 and 3.

date event winner loser
November 23, 2018 “game” Phil Mickelson Tiger Woods
May 24, 2020 “Game: Charity Champion” Tiger Woods-Peyton Manning Phil Mickelson-Tom Brady
November 27, 2020 “The Tournament: The Champion of Change” Phil Mickelson-Charles Barkley Peyton Manning-Stephen Curry

Is Tom Brady good at golf?

Brady is not as good as some other athlete golfers, but it is reported that he Almost hit 8.1.

When he reappeared as Mickelson’s partner in the “match”, the pair lost 1 point in the Woods Manning game, and Brady had some stable moments, including hitting a hole when approaching the ball. .

In addition, Brady also released some of the lessons he learned from the game. The most important thing is probably what type of pants to wear because he tore his pants during the game.

While playing for the Patriots, Brady had a membership in Brookline Country Club, a famous New England stadium. Now he is in Florida and he plays in Seminole in Juneau Beach.

He also played twice in the Augusta national team, once with Rory McClowry and once with Jordan Spieth. After the 18th hole, he gave Spieth a silent treatment.

Spieth said: “He swallowed a bogey and I caught a birdie in the last two shots.” On the Dan Patrick show“You should go to Augusta, have lunch, go out to play, he didn’t say a word to me for an hour and a half. I mean, the most competitive, for example, I think I’m very, very competitive. Li, he is the most competitive person I have ever met.”

In short, Brady likes to play golf, has experience, and is good at it. The big question is: how does he compare to Rogers?

Is Aaron Rogers playing golf?

On paper, Rogers is a better golfer than Brady.He said in an interview with Golf Magazine in 2019 His handicap is 3.5 Do your best. This will make him an average 4 1/2 shot better than Brady.

However, Rogers thinks Brady is better than his handicap suggests.

“I don’t think Brady is a No. 8 player. I have played with him and he is very good,” Rogers said in an interview with Golf Digest. “I played with all these people. Tony [Romo]A great player.Matt [Ryan] And I—I have beaten him several times, and he has beaten me several times. “

Rogers participated in the Pebble Beach professional amateur match in February 2020 and performed well, hitting a par 3 tee to a few feet from the hole.

He also showed solid putting skills and confidence to go with them.

Rogers has membership in the Green Bay Country Club. Although he does not have the experience of participating in “games” like Brady, the NFL regular season MVP will be a strong opponent of the Super Bowl MVP.

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