In less than a year, Tom Brady and Aaron Rogers faced off in the competition for the third time.

The two will not appear on the football field this time. Instead, they will be on the golf course with Phil Mickelson and Bryson DeChambeau in the “fourth game.”

Rogers will seek revenge against Brady, whose Buccaneers defeated his Packers in the regular season and the NFC Championship game. Rogers will partner with De Chambord, and Brady will reunite with his partner Mickelson in the second round.

Rogers’ team is now favored. DraftKings sports betting His pairing is listed as -182 odds. Mickelson and Brady started with a +132 disadvantage.

Mickelson and DeChambeau are likely to finish most of the work in Tuesday’s game, but the secondary plot of 2022 Super Bowl MVP Brady vs. 2020 NFL MVP Rogers is still very interesting. And the trash talk between the two should be interesting.

But what will happen to them in the course? Here is everything you need to know about Brady and Rogers as a golfer, including their weaknesses, highlights and achievements in the sport.

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Are Tom Brady or Aaron Rogers’ handicap better?

Aaron Rodgers is almost better than the two quarterbacks. According to Rogers, His best handicap is 3.5 Brady’s is listed as 8.1. If you want to know what this means, handicap is a formulaic number that measures your ability to compete against people of different talent levels. The calculation method is as follows:

(Score-Course Score) x 113 / Gradient Score

For those who don’t like numbers, these numbers mean that Rogers is 4 1/2 shots better than Brady on average. But Rogers thinks Brady is better than the numbers show.

“I don’t think Brady is a No. 8 player. I played with him and he is very good,” Rogers said in an interview with Golf Digest.

Tom Brady Golf Highlights, Achievements

Brady has the experience of participating in the “match” because he participated in the second tournament in cooperation with Mickelson. He and Mickelson lost that game, but Brady made a good hole in the game.

He also posted some lessons from the game on Instagram. The most important thing is what pants to wear, because he tore his pants in battle.

Brady played a lot of golf outside of the “game.” As Jordan’s partner, he won the 2006 Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational.

In addition, Brady participated in the Pebble Beach professional amateur matchmaking in 2004, 2010 and 2014. Here are the highlights of his 2010 championship:

This is his best performance in the 2014 event.

Aaron Rogers Golf Highlights, Achievements

Rogers is an avid golfer and has been the main player of the American Century Championship Celebrity Golf Championship for many years. The Packers quarterback has participated in this event every year since 2005, and his best result was eighth in 2017.

  • 2020: the 16th
  • 2019: 21st
  • 2018: 18th
  • 2017: 8th place
  • 2016: No. 32
  • 2015: 27th
  • 2014: 27th
  • 2013: 22nd
  • 2012: 35th
  • 2011: 39th
  • 2010: T-43rd
  • 2009: 46th
  • 2008: 43rd
  • 2007: T-47
  • 2006: T-32nd
  • 2005: T-58

These are some pretty good numbers, and Rogers has shown progress in his career.

Rogers also participated in the Pebble Beach professional amateur match like Brady. Rogers performed very well in 2020, and he and Max Houma finished ninth. He teeed off a few feet from the par-three hole.

He also showed solid putting skills and confidence.

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