Do you remember that there are some new eyebrow trends every day in 2018? Fishtail eyebrow, Dizzy eyebrows, Geometric eyebrows…The chaos really doesn’t end. Now, in 2021, those same types of bold and experimental eyebrow makeup are making a comeback-this time, the way you really want to wear it.

Nearest in Lizzo Bleached eyebrows, Bella Hadid (Bella Hadid) Alien-like straight eyebrows, and TikTok rich eyebrow content, we stumble across a new trend of eyebrow makeup and grooming every week. In contrast, natural eyebrows without artificial modification are becoming more and more common in daily wear.

So we searched the Internet and asked some of our favorite experts to briefly introduce us to seven eyebrow trends that will be huge this fall (and beyond).

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