Tokyo– Toyota Will not broadcast any Olympic-themed programs advertising Although it is one of the top corporate sponsors of the International Olympic Committee, it was broadcast on Japanese TV during the Tokyo Olympics.

The extraordinary decision of the country’s top car manufacturer highlights the degree of polarization of the Olympics Japan As the number of COVID-19 infections rose before the opening ceremony on Friday.

“Facts have proved that these Olympics have many incomprehensible problems,” Toyota’s chief communications officer Atsushi Nagata told reporters on Monday.

The grandson of the company’s founder and CEO Akio Toyoda will be absent from the opening ceremony. Although about 200 athletes participated in the Toyota-related Olympic and Paralympic Games, including swimmer Takeshi Kawamoto and softball player Miu Goto.

Nagata stated that the company will continue to support its athletes.

As a corporate sponsor of the Olympics, you usually use the Olympics as a platform to enhance your brand. But linking with games in the pandemic era may be seen by some as a potential marketing problem.

Masa Takaya, spokesperson for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, said that sponsors make their own decisions on their information.

“The public’s views on the Olympics are mixed,” Takatani said.

“I need to emphasize that these partners and companies are very supportive of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. They are enthusiastic about hosting these Olympics.”

Toyota Motor CorporationSigned in 2015 to become a global Olympic sponsor. According to reports, the contract lasts for 8 years and is worth nearly $1 Billion, becoming the first car company to join the IOC’s top marketing plan.

The sponsorship was launched globally in 2017 and runs through the 2024 Olympic Games, covering the three consecutive Olympic Games in Asia including the Tokyo Olympics.

Although the Japanese capital is in a state of emergency, the Tokyo Olympics, which has been postponed for one year, are still continuing.

This is actually an Olympic Games made for television, and most of the events, including the opening ceremony, are played in the stadium without fans. Some dignitaries such as IOC President Thomas Bach and Emperor Naruhito may attend.

Toyota is one of the most trusted brands in Japan.Maker of Prius Hybrid with Lexus Luxury models are proud of their quality control, and their “just-in-time” ultra-efficient production methods are widely praised and imitated around the world.

The polls reflect the general concern among Japanese people about the entry of thousands of Olympic contestants into Japan during the pandemic.Some already have Test positive For COVID.

In a recent protest against the Olympics in Tokyo, manufacturing plant worker Motoyuki Niitsuma said he did not like the idea of ​​cheering for the national team, and the pandemic has clearly shown this message.

“The era of competition is over. Now is the time to cooperate,” he said. “We shouldn’t get the Olympics.”

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