That man once again reached the top of another scoring list. Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo led the 2022 European Cup with five goals after two penalty kicks in the group final of his team against France.

When we entered the knockout stage, five players were chasing Ronaldo, each scoring three goals.

36-year-old Ronaldo is Top scorer in European Championship history (14 goals and counting), he is the most recent Serie A scorer (29 goals) at Juventus.

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If the players score the same number of goals, there will be a tiebreaker to determine their final ranking in the scoring table. These are implemented by UEFA since the 2008 European Cup:

  1. Most assists provided in the 2022 European Cup
  2. Least playing time in the 2022 European Cup
  3. Most goals scored during the 2022 European Cup qualifiers (including playoffs)
  4. The fewest cards in the European Cup 2022 (yellow and red added together)
  5. The fewest cards in the 2022 European Cup qualifiers (a combination of yellow and red)

The updated scoring table is as follows. If “own goal” is the actual entry in these rankings, it will be in the lead. The eight own goals scored in the game were more than double the three goals that the top six led the game.

Top scorer in the 2022 European Cup

ranking player team the goal Assist Minutes of play
1. Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal 5 1 210
2. Patrick Sigg Czech Republic 3 0 236
Emile Forsberg Sweden 3 0 251
Romelu Lukaku Belgium 3 0 264
Robert Lewandowski Poland 3 0 270
Giorgio Vinaldum Netherlands 3 0 270
7. Memphis Depay Netherlands 2 2 237
Ciro Immobile Italy 2 1 171
Sherdan Shaqiri Switzerland 2 1 217
Andrei Yarmolenko Ukraine 2 1 250
Roman Yaremchuk Ukraine 2 1 250
Ivan Perisic Croatia 2 1 261
Manuel Locatelli Italy 2 0 160
Youssef Polson Denmark 2 0 211
Denzel Dumfries Netherlands 2 0 225
Raheem Sterling United Kingdom 2 0 246

Note: A total of 41 players tied a goal in this game.

According to UEFA, there are There was no official top scorer award before the 1996 European CupThe following are the winners of the best shooter award since its establishment:

Euro’s best scorer (since 1996)

year player team the goal
1996 Alan Shearer United Kingdom 5
2000’s Patrick Kluivert Netherlands 5
Savo Milosevic Yugoslavia 5
year 2004 Milan Barros Czech Republic 5
Year 2008 David Villa Spain 4
2012 Fernando Torres Spain 3
2016 Antoine Griezmann France 6

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