Located in North America is a country famous for ice hockey, the Maple Leafs, two well known Justin (Bieber and Trudeau) and Putin.But if I were to describe it in one word I would say it is Different kinds. This place is populated by people from all walks of life, from Asian and Middle Eastern to European communities. This different cultural background is reflected in their food, from takeout and kebabs to pizza and pasta. That’s Canada, um.

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There are plenty of places to visit in Canada, but considering I only have eight days to see, this guide will focus on the eastern regions: Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec City. If you have more time, add Ottawa (the Canadian capital) and Prince Edward Island to your Eastern Canada tour.

“‘SUP TO?!”

Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto, Canada

Toronto, the capital of Ontario, has some nicknames: The Six, Hogtown and TO, to name a few. It is home to the Raptors, Blue Jays and Maple Leafs, the city’s basketball, baseball and hockey teams, respectively. But “Tee-Oh” isn’t just about sports. It’s one of the cities that best showcases Canada’s diversity, which you’ll notice if you take a quick look around.

Around Toronto

Overlooking the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada

After disembarking from Toronto Pearson International Airport, take bus 192 to Kipling subway station. Then you can take the subway to your hotel. The best thing about their public transport is that you can use your bus ticket to make multiple transfers – like the subway or tram (tram) – as long as it’s one way to get to your next destination. Be sure to remember your landmarks: CN Tower, Ripley’s Aquarium, Union Station at Rogers Centre (baseball stadium) and Air Canada Centre (basketball and ice hockey arenas), and at Dundas Square and Nathan Phillips Square Dundas Station (which is within walking distance from Dundas Square).

Canada Travel Guide Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City

Where do you live in Toronto?

For a place to relax, the only backpacker hostel is the one I recommend. It has a bar at the entrance which makes it social – similar to other great hotels I’ve tried. To get there, take the subway to Donlands.When you come down, just ask around only cafe– Don’t worry, it’s within walking distance of the station.

You can also find a list of our recommended hotels in Canada here.

where to eat Toronto?

Distilleries in Toronto, Canada

You can take the 514 streetcar, take the Cherry Street Loop exit, and walk to the Distillery, a historic neighborhood. Alternatively, you can take the 504 streetcar, exit at King and Parliament, and walk a few blocks south. There are a few dining options to choose from, but I recommend Mill Street Brewery’s wide range of beers.

Things to do in Toronto

Look at the chin – view from the top of the CN Tower

The CN Tower was once the tallest tower in the world at approximately 553 meters. Of course, that was before the Burj Khalifa was built. The tower symbolizes not only the city of Toronto, but Canada as a whole.

CN Tower, Toronto, Canada

Take the elevator to the observation deck for a panoramic view of the city. Just a warning: it can be a little scary if you look down; the glass floor creates the illusion that you could fall at any moment! If the thought of heights hasn’t made your head spin, you can satisfy your inner coward by embarking on a more adventurous activity called an Edge Walk.

As the name suggests, you’ll walk on one side of the tower, wearing a full-body suit, with harnesses attached to the railings above and around the tower. Walking makes you hungry? You can dine at 360 Restaurant, which serves Canadian cuisine.

CN Tower, Toronto, Canada

I love visiting the tallest building in any city. It gives you a bird’s-eye view and makes you feel like you’ve conquered the place. It gave me a great sense of accomplishment.

Visit Ripley’s Aquarium

My friend in Toronto said I should go here – an aquarium with about 16,000 aquatic animals, but I didn’t. Personally, I’d rather put on my wetsuit and dive into the ocean than watch marine life swim in a tank.However, if you want to experience it for yourself, please book “Sea and sky one color” Get hands-on with CN Tower and Ripley’s Aquarium packages at a cheaper price.

watch sporting events

When I think of Toronto, the first thing that comes to mind is the Toronto Raptors. For an avid NBA fan like me, it’s a no-brainer. Watching live games has always been a childhood dream, and I finally made it a reality.

basketball games in canada

Even if you’re not a sports fan, live games are a must-see! The experience is very different than when you play it on TV because you feel the hype with other people. Hearing the music and the roar of the crowd in person is sure to get your blood pumping! If basketball isn’t your cup of tea, try baseball or ice hockey.

Stroll along Dundas Square

Dundas Square, Toronto, Canada

They say it’s the epitome of Times Square in New York. It may not be as grand, but this place is Instagram-worthy. Here you can find famous tourist attractions: street performers, tourist information centers, shopping centers, restaurants, big advertisements, cinemas, etc.

Photoshoot at Nathan Phillips Square

Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto, Canada

A lot of people are leveling up their IG games here, right next to the town hall. Take as many snaps as possible and pose as bloggers.

Niagara Falls Day Trip

Hornblower boat during day trip to Niagara Falls from Toronto, Canada

If you haven’t seen Niagara Falls, you haven’t been to Canada if you haven’t seen this beautiful place I call “Mother of the Falls” which is halfway between the US and Canada.You can get there by public bus or by car, but I recommend booking a guided day trip King’s Journey For convenience.

Hornblower boat during day trip to Niagara Falls from Toronto, Canada

They offer rides to transport you to and from your hotel. Hop on the bus with others and head to Niagara Falls for a horn boat tour! As you get closer and closer to the mighty waterfall, it almost feels like you’re in a movie – the thunderous sounds, icy spray and dark atmosphere are an exhilarating experience you shouldn’t miss.

Niagara Falls, Toronto, Canada

You can grab a quick snack after your boat ride before heading to your next stop: Niagara-on-the-Lake, a picturesque town where you can do all your sightseeing. Finish the tour with a wine tasting at your favorite winery. Don’t forget to try the ice wine!

Jason’s top tip: You can choose to stay overnight near the waterfall. There are many attractions in the area. It’s like a big theme park with fun rides, magic shows and casinos. You can find a list of all casinos near Toronto here.

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“Hello, Montreal!”

Travel around Montreal, Canada

do you know? : Quebec is predominantly French, which is culturally influenced by the fact that the first explorers in the region were French. The largest city in Quebec: Montreal – home of the Montreal Canadiens, the city’s ice hockey team .

Around Montreal

From Toronto, you can take a bus or train to Montreal (buses are a cheaper option) and walk from Dundas Square to the coach terminal. Buy some beef jerky and licorice to make your 8-hour drive to Montreal (with a stop in Ottawa) more bearable.

old montreal canada

Once you arrive, you can take the subway to travel around the city. Note the Mount Royal station for hiking and the Champ de Mars station in Old Montreal.

Canada Travel Guide Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City

Where do you live in Montreal?

Alexandria-Montreal, Canada

I recommend staying in Alexandria-Montreal. This is a hip looking hotel with a cool lobby, free maps and free breakfast.7 minutes walk from bus and subway station.

Where to eat in Montreal

Taste the famous bacon at Schwartz’s deli (3985 Boul St-Laurent). It’s near Le Plateau-Mont-Royal. Ask around to find a store.

Things to do in Montreal

Hike Mount Royal

Mount Royal, Quebec, Canada

I love hiking, so I think this activity is the best thing to do in Montreal. Cross the trail or forest to the other side at your own pace. Some entry and exit points might confuse you, so my advice is to go with the flow. The duration of the hike depends on how long you enjoy and appreciate the nature and mountaintop cityscape.

Visit Old Montreal

Try it out. Admire the fusion of North American and European cultures and marvel at French-inspired architecture. Highlights are Notre Dame Cathedral and the Old Port of Montreal.

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“I time it, Quebec.”

Street Art in Quebec, Canada

Quebec City is very similar to Montreal – a fusion of old and modern, from cobblestone streets to fun street art. It’s probably the most romantic city in Quebec, and Old Quebec is its highlight. The vibe here reminds me of a French town – calm and serene, but above all, charming.

Where to live in Quebec City?

Auberge Internationale de Quebec is a fantastic place to stay in Old Quebec. However, the male protagonist is a bit eccentric and not very easy-going.

Visit Quebec City

Travel to Quebec, Canada

Quebec City is a 3-hour bus ride from Montreal Central Bus Station. Once you arrive, walking is the best way to see the city. You can walk all the way through old Quebec. If you’re exhausted, just hop the taxi back to your hotel. If you’re going to a place like Montmorency Falls, be sure to take the bus. If you’re going to the airport, a taxi is said to be the easiest way.

What to eat in Quebec City

Putinville! ! ! Make your poutine with the toppings of your choice. Poutine is fried in style. Add toppings and sauces, basically cheese and gravy. Who in the world doesn’t like fries? !

Things to do in Quebec City

Visit Old Quebec

Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac Quebec Canada

Just like in Montreal, you should visit its older version: Old Quebec. Attracted by the European castle-like architecture. The highlight is the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac, an iconic hotel in Old Quebec.

Visit Montmorency Falls

Montmorency Falls in Quebec, Canada

The last stop is the 20-minute bus 800 bus ride from downtown Quebec to the falls. Montmorency Falls pales in comparison to the magnificence of Niagara Falls, but it’s still a beautiful sight and the perfect backdrop for a quick selfie on the bridge.

Sample Itinerary and Fees for an 8-Day Canada Trip

Cityscape of Quebec, Canada

Here’s an example of an eight-day itinerary in Canada, similar to my itinerary from Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City and back last April 2017. Note that this is for reference only. You can keep costs down by booking buses months in advance, avoiding expensive meals, and choosing cheaper seats at NBA games.

Canada Travel Guide Toronto, Montreal and Quebec CityCanada Travel Guide Toronto, Montreal and Quebec CityCanada Travel Guide Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City

*A burger meal at a fast food restaurant costs less than $10, and a Chinese meal (duck and rice) costs about $17.

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