Although many people still don’t believe it, The Toyota Camry is one of the best midsize sedans on the marketGranted, its body lines aren’t the most attractive or eye-catching, but overall it’s a round product. Best of all, it offers a price-equipment-technology-thrift ratio that its competitors can’t. The problem is that Europe suffers from a “mastitis” disease for which there is currently no cure.

Here it’s happening, no pain or glory, but there are other markets in the world that have had real success. America and Asia are its two strongholds, proving that it has a version we could never have imagined here. Did you know that Daihatsu, a Toyota subsidiary, sells it under the name Altis? Well, yes, while one and the other are clones, the public respects them and knows what their terrain is.Now Update to keep it fresh and attractive For your clients…

The Toyota Camry’s twin, the Daihatsu Altis, also adds changes to the “original” version…

Toyota Camry

This The first great novelty to debut the updated Toyota Camry It’s him Applied Emotion Red III Dress up your body. Other than that, there are no changes to the lines or new alloy wheels that make up its lineup. Of course, behind closed doors, the creative team wanted to give it a touch of color to distance it from the sobriety worn by its competitors.In this case, a new color combination ochre leather This applies to all Dashboard.

Finally, it also introduced a New USB Type-C Connector For connection to the infotainment system. So far, because the people in charge of Toyota see no need for further changes. In any case, a few months ago, the brand underwent a redesign that improved many of the weaknesses it suffered. everything, Dafabet’s Altis version also adds changes We have explained and you can see in these images.

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For now, as expected, the changes will be limited to the Japanese market.. The European and US versions will still go on sale as we know they’re a few more years away. During this time, the company will take the necessary steps to complete the development of the replacement, and as has happened with Crown, it will be more ambitious. The question is whether it will be sold again in Europe, or given its “failure”, they will withdraw it forever…

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