Toyota Will be its global off-road vehicles and Commercial vehicle Through the development of diesel electric Hybrids According to a recent report, Power Systems.The system will power larger and heavier vehicles, such as Land Cruiser.

The combination of turbocharged diesel engine and electric motor is a natural fit for users who need as much torque as possible, such as drivers who often drive. drag, Towing or driving off-road.Although the official specifications have not yet been released, the Japanese magazine Best car It is speculated that the device will make its debut in the next-generation Land Cruiser Prado in 2024. It is more Full-size model (Pictured) and called Lexus GX In the U.S.

The publication believes that the turbo diesel engine will be a 2.5-liter unit, although some models are also available in a 3.5-liter unit.Toyota’s hybrid technology is versatile; it powers everything Prius arrive Subaru Crosstrek. Link it to a diesel engine There should be no major technical obstacles to the engine.It remains to be seen whether it is a standard hybrid system or Plug-in hybrid vehicle set up. Toyota provides both; RAV4 Prime It is a good example of the latter.

Toyota’s commercial vehicles are little known, as if they have never existed in the United States, but they are a common part of the automotive industry in other places, especially in Asia.The manned and cargo variants of its HiAce are popular in the following countries Japan, E.g. With this in mind, it is unclear whether the diesel-electric drivetrain will be sold in the United States.Toyota has not yet commented on this rumor, It did not elaborate on what its future powertrain lineup looks like.

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