This Toyota Prius C may have left the U.S. market in 2019, but the contract Hybrids The (and generally compact) part is still strong in other parts of the world.in Japan,among them Prius C is called Aqua, Toyota The second generation successor has just been introduced.

The Prius C is described as brand new, although at first glance it retains an evolutionary style. It maintains the same dimensions as its predecessor, but with new front-end lighting and optional LED lights, it looks more upscale than the Prius C.

But keep in mind that Prius C was launched in 2011, which means that its service life is 10 years, which is eternal for the compact market segment. Toyota seems to intend to maintain Aqua’s timetable, saying that they set out to “build a compact car for the next 10 years.” Due to such a large gap between the redesigns, Aqua’s equipment seems to have undergone drastic changes.

Aqua is built on Toyota’s new modular GA-B platform, which also supports the new Yaris. It launched the world’s first bipolar nickel metal hydride battery It is more compact, uses fewer parts, and doubles the output for a given size. Toyota said this will improve throttle response and increase the speed at which Aqua runs on battery alone. During the test cycle in Japan, it achieved a rating equivalent to 84 mpg.

The previous Aquas were only front-wheel drive, but the new model provides Toyota’s e-Four hybrid AWD drive system. Footwork will also be reduced. Aqua is the first Toyota to use the comfort pedal mode, which is essentially Nissan e-Power pedal to activate regeneration brake Once the driver removes his foot from the accelerator. Aqua can also be equipped with Toyota’s Teammate Advanced Park system, which takes over all steering, acceleration, braking, and shifting functions when the car is reversed.

In terms of the cab, this is a huge improvement compared to the cheap interior of the Prius C. The gauges are now in place, directly in front of the driver, rather than above the center console. A large 10.5-inch multifunctional display rises from the dashboard, which includes a backup camera and some decorative bird’s-eye view monitors. Although the overall length has not changed, the wheelbase has been extended by 2 inches to provide more legroom for the rear passengers.

One feature that will definitely come in handy in parts of the United States last year is the emergency power supply mode. When the car is parked and started, the standard accessory power socket can be used to power small household appliances.

There is no news on whether the Prius C will make a comeback in the United States, but given the sluggish small car market here, this seems unlikely. Aqua is Japanese Best-selling car Starting in 2013-15, Toyota seems to be ready to repeat this success. It already expects a strong monthly sales rate of 9,500.

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