Mount Washington in New Hampshire is famous for the continental United States-or some of the most extreme weather on earth. The highest surface wind speed ever recorded there: 231 mph, as early as 1934. The temperature in winter is harsh. On the 6,288-foot-high mountain, you can experience heavy storms at any time.

The same extreme: in the video you saw above, Travis Pastrana broke his own record in Mount Washington Hill Climb, aka Climb to the Clouds. Clouds).The first climb took place in 1904, seven years before the Indy 500, 12 years before Pikes Peak, and decades before particularly good cars appeared. brakeThe record run of Pastrana happened on the weekend, and it could be the craziest-if we are all completely honest with ourselves, so scary-the mountain climbing video. Words are not fair. Just watch it.

After Pastrana set his first record in 2017, he said: “This road is very challenging. This may be the hardest road in the world.”

But to go all out, he did it.According to climbing sponsors, the 7.6-mile car road to the top of the mountain usually requires a 30-minute drive from tourists Subaru. Considering the descent and mixed surfaces you see in this video, a travel speed of around 15 mph sounds like a good idea. But Pastrana’s 2017 record was 5 minutes and 44 seconds. And this time, he is equipped with his Subaru “Airslayer” WRX STI That is for Gymkhana 2020 video, It outputs 826 horsepower and generates more downforce from its aerodynamics. Airslayer made his ascent of the mountain at 5:28.67 faster by 16 seconds.

Our rough calculation results in an average speed of approximately 83 mph.

“The new record in the book!” Subaru Racing quoted Pastrana as saying. “This car is the perfect machine to do this. It won second place Good wood I really want to set a new record here to show what a car can do in the right environment. Fortunately, our weather is really good this year. I know that if I can enter the game smoothly, I will play a good game at 5:44. It’s so fun, I can’t wait to come again next time! “

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