Eagles coach Nate McMillan gave a simple and accurate assessment of the Bucks’ performance on Friday night: “They completely dominated the entire game.”

The 2022 NBA playoffs will feature amazing scoring fluctuations and crazy comebacks, but Milwaukee ensured that the second game of the Eastern Conference finals will be a nap, defeating Atlanta by a score of 125-91. The Bucks had established a 32-point lead at halftime, Their third-half lead in playoff history, And maintained a 40-point advantage at the end of the third quarter. Only one starting player on each team exceeded 30 minutes, because the last round became an opportunity for players to play at the end of the rotation.

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In any case, the second game ended after 24 minutes, and most of Atlanta’s first half dilemmas had a major culprit. The Eagles kept passing the ball to the Bucks, which allowed them to easily score in fast breaks.

Milwaukee scored 22 points with a turnover in the first half, Score with the most turnovers in a single half of the playoffs. The second quarter, Atlanta More turnovers (eight times) than points (seven times).

Game 2 (first half) total points Turnover Penalty points for mistakes Quick breakpoint
Bucks 77 6 twenty two 20
Eagles 45 13 10 5

“To be honest, we don’t talk about the mistakes themselves. We are talking about stability, positiveness, and having hands,” Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer said in a post-match media interview. “Sometimes, when you are really active and defend very well, mistakes sometimes happen naturally.”

The Bucks’ defense in the second game is definitely more aggressive than the series opener. Eagles star Tre Young scored 48 points in the first game, scored only 15 points on 6 of 16 shots and made 9 turnovers. Jrue Holiday chased Young on the court, while the Milwaukee big man did not Minimize filtering operations, Giving Yang less room for manipulation.

“I think mixing it up and making him difficult, don’t have too many relaxed expressions,” Holliday said of Young’s defensive efforts. “He had a lot of floaters in his last game in the paint. These were almost layups for him, so we really don’t want him to start early.”

Although Milwaukee’s intensity and attention to detail are commendable, Atlanta’s handling of the ball is also very careless. The passing of the Eagles players is too random, often turning their ball possession into a transitional training for Antetokounmpo and his teammates.

Atlanta averaged only 13.2 turnovers per game during the regular season and 12.1 turnovers per game into the playoffs into Friday’s game. By the end of the second game, the Eagles had committed 19 turnovers, many of which were live-ball type mistakes. This is not a winning formula against Milwaukee at all.

After seeing Yang light up the scoreboard in the first game, the Bucks set the tone early, never let up, and delivered a blowout victory message to the Hawks.

“They showed us another level that we must reach in order to win the game and advance,” McMillan said.

If Atlanta kept coughing before the ball got there, it would not be able to reach that level.

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