Following the fatal riots in the Capitol in January, Donald Trump’s decision to host a major golf tournament at the New Jersey Course has become a core issue in the growing legal dispute between the former US President’s business empire and New York City.

The Trump Organization has sued the city for breach of contract because the company terminated its 20-year agreement to manage a municipal golf course in the Bronx called Trump Golf Course in February, and has already recruited some of them. Participants in sports. Well-known names to help prove its situation.

According to the termination notice issued to Trump by the New York City Department of Parks in February, “the action on January 6 has destroyed [Trump Ferry Point’s] The ability to attract high-quality events, because the Trump brand is now synonymous with rebellion against the federal government”.

The notice specifically mentioned the decision of the PGA of the United States to remove its Open Championship from the Trump Bedminster Stadium originally scheduled to be held in 2022.

The city cited language in the license agreement with the Trump Organization, saying that Trump Ferry Point is obliged to operate “first-rate, championship-quality daily golf courses.”

However, the company argued that it did not require it to actually host a top-tier tournament.In a recently released court document, the Trump Organization argued that New York Mayor Bill de Blasio “has a political tendency to terminate Trump-related contracts” and used PGA’s move As an excuse.

It provided the city with multiple letters from golf stars such as Dustin Johnson, Bryson DeChambeau, John Daly and Rocco Medit. Everyone describes Ferry Point as “a first-rate, championship-quality golf course.” The Trump Organization also provided a letter of recommendation from the Metropolitan Golf Association, a highly respected non-profit organization responsible for overseeing this sport in the New York City area.

The former US president is facing increasing legal challenges in New York.The Trump Organization may be Criminally charged This week, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office reported on the accounting treatment of employee benefits, which was reported by the Financial Times and other media.

Several star golfers describe Ferry Point as “a first-rate, championship-quality golf course” © Reuters

The Trump Organization signed a ferry point agreement with former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg in 2012 to complete the construction of the course, then manage its operations, and pay the city a license fee. The Ferry Point project took the city decades to complete, when Trump’s involvement was considered a coup.

The developers were well thought out at the time, including in An interview The British “Financial Times” believes that the venue has a magnificent view of the Manhattan skyline and may become a venue for high-profile professional golf events. The course started in the spring of 2015, just a few weeks before Trump began his presidential campaign.

Trump’s various inflammatory remarks after the start of the campaign led De Blasio to speculate whether his company’s contract with New York City will be terminated, not only at the ferry point, but also at other New York attractions, including Central Park. Carousel and ice rink. The city never followed up at the time, but believed that it had a solid legal basis after the January 6 incident.

Soon after the PGA made its decision, the British Open organizer R&A commented that Trump will not win the British tournament award at Turnberry Stadium in Scotland.

The lawsuit resulted in the publication of communications between the Trump Organization and the city following the termination of the transaction in court documents.

The company wrote that its contract “does not contain ethics or’bad boy’ clauses.” It pointed out that according to the contract letter, the city could terminate the ferry point contract “at will,” but said it would owe it a termination fee of US$30 million by then.

The city argued that the contract allowed it to “reasonably” terminate the transaction, thereby avoiding payment of fees.

The Trump Organization also argued in the letter that De Blasio’s public statement shortly after January 6 indicated that the city’s legal arguments regarding the PGA were an excuse.

It specifically cited a tweet from De Blasio on January 13: “New York City does not do business with insurgents.”

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