When you start implementing a social media strategy for your business, one of the first questions you have to ask yourself is– Should my business be on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram?

These three social media sites provide plenty of opportunities to connect and participate in the network, increase brand awareness and increase traffic to your website. But they are also very different in terms of purpose.

Ultimately, the purpose of Facebook is to connect people with their personal networks (including friends and family). People use Facebook to share photos, videos, and general updates in life.

On the other hand, Twitter is used to share ideas, real-time information, and hot news. Although people may also use Twitter to connect with friends and family, they mainly use it for larger purposes—connecting to the wider world and discovering what is happening (140 characters or less).

Instagram is used to share photos and videos. People mainly use this app to post their “highlight clips” and follow friends and influencers. This is how users become part of the social media community.

Of course, this still raises the question-where does your business fit all of this? In order to explore the advantages and disadvantages of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, we have conducted a comprehensive breakdown of these three platforms.

Read on to find out which platform is more suitable for your company’s business investment.

What about Instagram?

Twitter and Facebook and Instagram users

Let’s first look at Twitter and Facebook and Instagram users.

Twitter vs. Facebook vs. Instagram demographics

First, let us consider the potential population that your business can reach on each platform.

Here are some quick and informative facts:

Twitter demographics:

Facebook demographic data:

Instagram demographic data:

Twitter vs. Facebook vs. Instagram engagement

You decide that quality, not quantity, is equally important-how long does the audience of each website stay on the platform? Or, or, how many minutes do they spend every day?

Twitter participation facts:

Facebook participation facts:

Instagram participation facts:

Considering all the above statistics, no matter how many fans you have, if you can attract viewers with the right content, You might get the best engagement rate on Facebook. This is some research by Statista to prove this point. This is the most popular mobile social network application in the United States as of September 2019, by user engagement (in minutes/month). Facebook has a big win.

Twitter vs. Facebook vs. Instagram engagement

Twitter vs. Facebook vs. Instagram use

When choosing the right platform for your business, you need to consider the following points:

  • With less than 140 characters to convey your brand message, you might think of Twitter as the “elevator promotion” of your business. What do you want to convey to the audience quickly and concisely?
  • Facebook is your opportunity to interact more deeply with your audience. You can create a complete business page, share videos and images, and further incentivize potential customers to interact with your brand (for example, if they “like” your business page, a 10% discount is provided).
  • Using Instagram, you can create an interactive community. This is a platform where users are more likely to participate. People visit Instagram and want to see influencers and follow their favorite brands.

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Twitter ads vs Facebook vs Instagram ads

Generally speaking, advertising on Facebook and Instagram allows you to reach a larger audience. Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, they provide similar advertising tools. also, Facebook ads come with some impressive positioning tools, So you can narrow down salary, buying behavior, hobbies, Facebook communities, etc.

The interface of Facebook ads is relatively simple and intuitive to users. Facebook ads can also be relatively cheap-in fact, Facebook It pointed out that “some people spend more money on coffee every day than they spend on advertising.” Although it depends on the campaign you are running, you can usually set your budget to between US$2 and US$3 per day.

Twitter Also provides positioning function, Including buying behavior, language, interests, and followers.However, Twitter ads are usually More expensive Than Facebook.

However, it may be worth the extra money— Twitter ads engagement rate It can be as high as 1-3%, which is much higher than Facebook’s average click-through rate of 0.119%.

Twitter vs. Facebook vs. Instagram for Business

Ultimately, if you are not sure which one is more suitable for your brand, then it is best to try Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for a while. Over time, you will gain valuable insights into how your posts perform on these sites, allowing you to devote more time to one of them. Since they are free to use, there is no harm in trying all three methods initially.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in February 2019 and has been updated to be comprehensive.

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