Two years after the feud with Nike, days after qualifying for the fifth Olympic Games, track and field star Allyson Felix added the title of “entrepreneur” to her list of achievements.

Felix announced on Instagram on Wednesday that she will launch her own shoe brand Saysh, which she said “represents hope, acceptance and the power to create change.”

“When you see me running, know that I am not running for medals. I am running for change. I am fighting for greater equality for each of us. I am running for women. Most importantly, I am It’s towards a future where no woman or girl is told to know where she is,” Felix wrote on Instagram.

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Felix’s six Olympic gold medals are the most of all female track and field athletes. As early as 2019, she had a public conflict with her long-time sponsor Nike. She wrote in a column in the New York Times She wants to start a family in 2018 because she knows it might jeopardize her deal with Nike, because she is trying to renew a deal that expired in December 2017. Felix wrote that she felt she needed to recover as soon as possible, even after an emergency C-section in November 2018 to deliver her daughter Camryn. Felix said that Nike is willing to pay 70% less than her income before pregnancy.

After the deal negotiations continued to fail, Felix did not re-sign with Nike. Due to strong public opposition and congressional investigations, Nike changed its fertility policy in 2019. According to the Washington Post. Felix later signed a contract with Gap’s Athleta brand, According to CNBC.

Since parting ways with Nike, Felix has become an activist who protects the mothers of female athletes and the inequality of black mothers in the healthcare system.

“No woman should choose between career and mother. Now, because of this struggle, many athletes’ sponsorship contracts look different,” Felix wrote on Instagram.

She continued: “During my pregnancy, I had complications. I realized that I needed to use my voice to make people aware of another injustice: racial injustice in our healthcare system. I told the US Congress about me. Experience-I continue to use my words to change.”

Saysh is a shoe brand “designed for women”, Read this site. Saysh One sneakers are priced at $150.

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