Cheetah and goat.

After an interview with Bolt’s “Dan Patrick Show” last week, Terek Hill and Usain Bolt connected with each other, where the nominal show host tried to urge Bolt and the Chiefs wide receiver Sprint between Hill.

After years of conversation between Hill and Bolt, it sounds like we are one step closer to its true decline.

“I have already told him. I have texted him,” Bolt said on the “Dan Patrick Show.” “If you keep talking, I might show up.”

Listen, Hill is fast, but is his speed the fastest in the world? maybe not.

In other words, his chances may be better than some people think.

Tyreek Hill vs. Usain Bolt: Who is faster?

Depending on the context and race, it may be closer than you think.

Traditionally, Bolt needs a little time to speed up, but his finishing speed is second to none and has always been a sign of his career. This makes any potential 70-meter race particularly fascinating between sprinters and outsiders.

Hill has a potential red line speed advantage, while Bolt has traditionally reached his top speed of about 60 meters in races, which may be closer than you think. Bolt will turn 35 next week and won his last 100 million gold medal at the 2016 Olympics or World Championships.

However, Bolt’s speed is still very fast: During the 53rd Super Bowl weekend, Bolt ran 4.22 yards and 40 yards sprint, which will be the record of the NFL joint event.

Bolt can also reach a top speed of about 27 mph, which is about 5 mph faster than the 22.8 mph set by Hill in the league. However, that is the cushion.

If this is not enough, as the saying goes: Las Vegas knows.

If a game is to be held, the odds setters believe that Bolt has a good chance of beating Hill in the game: King of Drafts Consider Bolt as his favorite to beat Hill at -170, and Hill himself posted odds of +150. Not too wide, but big enough to make you think twice.

Tyreek Hill 40 yard sprint time

Tyreek Hill’s 40-yard sprint time is a bit mysterious: his time on professional day is 4.29, although it is fast, but still will not become the NFL combined record.

If 4.29 is legal, then Hill will be a seventh slower than Bolt’s 4.22 40 times during Super Bowl weekend.


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