The administration of US President Joe Biden approved a Russian insurance company mentioned in the New Beixi 2 report submitted to the US Congress on Friday.

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The Biden administration imposed sanctions on two Russian entities involved in the Beixi 2 pipeline project, but retained an exemption that spared the company and its executives overseeing the construction.

According to three people familiar with the report submitted to Congress on Friday, the United States added Nobility, headquartered in St. Petersburg, Russia, and a Russian insurance company Constanta, which was established after other insurance companies withdrew from the project under the threat of sanctions. of. They asked not to be named because the details of the report have not yet been made public.

These names also include a supply ship Ostap Sheremeta, which means that the Biden administration has now identified 23 entities or personnel to impose sanctions on this pipeline, which will go from Russia to Germany. The United States says this will plunge Moscow into The dilemma is about energy security in Europe.

Even so, Russia and Germany are determined to continue advancing the pipeline that is about to be completed. The United States has postponed harsher punishments because Biden has concluded that doing so will damage relations with key ally Germany, while failing to prevent pipeline construction.

In the North Stream 2 report before May, the US State Department stated that in accordance with U.S. law, North Stream 2 AG and its chief executive Matthias Warnig are engaged in sanctioned activities, but the government will act for national security reasons. The reason is exempt from punishment.

The exemption is still in effect and has been severely criticized by Republicans in Congress, who have stated that sanctions against companies themselves are one of the few ways to actually stop the pipeline.

In July, the government agreed to an agreement with Germany, threatening to impose new sanctions on Russia if it uses energy as a weapon. The agreement also provides new assistance to Ukraine, which opposes the Beixi 2 project, to strengthen and modernize its energy sector, and to ensure that natural gas is sent countercurrently to the country when Russia tries to cut off supplies.

Ukrainian President Zelensky will visit the White House at the end of August, when the two sides will also discuss to ensure that Ukraine will not be squeezed by the pipeline.

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