Investigations are continuing to cause the MH-60S helicopter to crash off the coast of San Diego on Tuesday.

Earlier this week, the US Navy’s Pacific Fleet announced the death of five crew members who had disappeared after their military helicopter crashed off the coast of San Diego, California.

in a statement On Saturday, the fleet stated that after the MH-60S helicopter crashed into the Pacific Ocean on August 31, it had “shifted from search and rescue operations to rescue operations.”

The statement stated that the move was made after more than 72 hours of rescue work, including 34 search and rescue flights and at least 170 hours of flight time (including five search helicopters and continuous surface ship search).

The fleet said the helicopter took off from the USS Abraham Lincoln and crashed into the sea on Tuesday afternoon, while it was “performing routine flight operations about 60 nautical miles from the coast of San Diego.”

“Out of respect for the family, and in accordance with Navy policy, the identity of sailors will be withheld until 24 hours after their close relatives are notified.”

Five other sailors were injured on Tuesday. They were on the USS Abraham Lincoln. Lieutenant Samuel R. Boyle, spokesman for the Pacific Fleet, said that as of Saturday, their situation was stable.

Investigations into the cause of the crash continue, but the fact that the sailor on the aircraft carrier was injured raises questions about whether the helicopter or parts of it hit the Lincoln.

When the helicopter took off and landed on the ship, there were ground crews on nearby aircraft carriers, and others were working on the deck.

The MH-60S helicopter can usually carry about 4 crew members for combat support, humanitarian disaster relief and search and rescue missions.


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