While some have to wait several dozen hours in the line along the River Thames, MPs have the option of immediately getting to Westminster Hall upon presentation of the pass.

– This is an abuse of privilege. I don’t mind standing in line because everyone is standing. But there is no excuse for such a thingIt’s not fair, said Julie Newman, quoted by the Times.

The authorities estimate that for more than four days, during which the coffin will be exposed to the public, it may wish to pay tribute to the queen. even a million people.

On Thursday at noon the line was counting over 5 km, which means that it has visibly lengthened since the morning. Estimates say that can reach a length of up to 16 kilometers. On Saturday night, it may not be possible to join her anymore.

When the admission of the first people to Westminster Hall, the room where the coffin is displayed, began on Wednesday afternoon, the British government launched an internet service showing live the current queue length and telling you where it is now ending near which landmarks. The status can be checked on the Ministry of Digitization, Culture, Media and Sports channel on YouTube and its profiles on Facebook and Twitter.

Half an hour before the opening of the doors to the Palace of Westminster, the cable car was just over 4 km long and until late in the evening its length ranged between 3.8-4.1 km, and during the night it was shortened to 3.2 km. From Thursday morning it started to lengthen again and at At 10.30 am London time it was about 5.1 km.

Entry to Westminster Hall to pass the coffin and pay tribute to the Queen will be possible until 6.30 am on the day of the funeral, on Monday, September 19.