Mikhail Kulikov and his commander were taken prisoner by Ukraine on February 26that is, on the third day of Russia’s invasion of a neighboring country.

“As reported in the justification of the verdict, the soldier was ordered to fire towards a multi-story apartment building in Chernihiv. No one was killed as a result of the attack. However, the missile explosion destroyed the premises on the ninth floor “- we read in Suspilny.

– I would like to ask for forgiveness my grandmother (owner of the destroyed apartment – ed.), Whom we scared. Sorry to the people of Ukraine for invading your country. There is no justification for this, said the soldier after the sentence was announced.

The tanker was also fined – it was obliged to cover 26.6 thousand hryvnia (over PLN 3.3 thousand) in court costs.

Prosecutors are investigating almost 26 thousand alleged cases of war crimes committed since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “135 people have already been accused,” Yuriy Bilousov, head of the war crimes department of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine, told Reuters on Sunday.

Fifteen of the accused are in custodyothers are being hunted down. Thirteen cases have already been brought to the courts. Seven sentences were handed down.

In May A 21-year-old Russian soldier was the first to be convicted of war crimes in Ukraine – he was sentenced to life imprisonment for killing an unarmed civilian. Later, the Kiev court of appeal reduced the sentence to 15 years’ imprisonment.