Another identified by Security Service of Ukraine the person is the commander of the Chechen Special Purpose Mobile Unit (OMON) of the National Russian Guard Anzor Bisayev. As reported, Bisayev belongs to the immediate vicinity Ramzan Kadyrov.

“In early March, while on the territory of hanging Babiesin the region Buczański, the invader, together with his subordinates, broke into one of the private residential buildings and kidnapped a teenager. By putting a gun and a knife to his head, the invaders tried to obtain information about the position of Ukrainian troops“- she said SBU.

“When torture did not produce the ‘expected result’, the boy was put in an armored vehicle where the bullying continued. using threats and physical violence “ – added in the official announcement.

After leaving the Kiev region, Bisayev fled to Russiawhere he “hides from justice”. As the Ukrainian services informed, activities are being carried out thanks to which it will be possible to bring the occupant to justice. At the moment, he is accused by the Ukrainian side of breaking the laws and customs of war.