Members criminal group published information on social media about the possibility of transferring abroad and made an appointment with those who were willing to meet. They suggested crossing the river by boat, swimming the river in a diving suit or walking on foot, avoiding official border points.

The gang demanded from 1,000 to 20,000 dollars per person. According to the police, the members of the group obtained almost in this way 200 thousand dollars.

As reported, the detainees include citizens of other countries, as well as a customs officer and a border guardwho did not enter documents into the system when crossing the border. The largest number of suspects were arrested in the Zakarpattia oblast, bordering Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania, and in the Chernivtsi oblast, bordering Romania and Moldova.

Widespread mobilization in Ukraineannounced by the Kiev authorities in connection with the Russian invasion, covers men aged 18-60.