The dramatic increase in coronavirus cases has complicated efforts to reopen the economy Movement Control Order Effective from June 1st. There is no doubt that many companies have been affected by this situation, and dealer UMW Toyota Motor has weighed its struggles.

according to President Ravindran Kurusami, This Close all Toyota and Lexus showrooms This means that the company cannot carry out any business, and the entire car manufacturing process including supply chain and logistics activities has also stopped. He added that although the order is necessary to reduce the infection rate, it also poses a challenge to the company’s operations.

“For various models, we still have an encouraging order library. Nonetheless, we hope that the lockdown restrictions can be relaxed so that we can conduct business in a limited and safe manner. Of course, we will comply with all standard operating procedures. Like the past year,” he said.

Ravindran reminds customers that they can still learn more about the desired model and book a car on the official website-this will continue to enjoy the sales and service tax (SST) discount until the end of the year.

“We encourage customers to book online because we can plan to produce in our two assembly plants to minimize the waiting time after the restrictions are lifted, so that customers can enjoy the current economic incentives,” he said.

According to the order, the selected service center has Allow to stay open To provide emergency assistance. “Nationwide, customers can still get emergency assistance and selected after-sales services for their vehicles,” Lavenderan said, adding that car owners are advised to make appointments first. These facilities are taking all necessary measures to protect customers and employees .

The order has a particularly serious impact on automobile production. “Although the government has established National Recovery Plan (NRP) Of the four stages, we are still in the most stringent stage 1. The current situation also makes the recovery plan difficult,” said Vice Chairman Akio Takeyama, adding that long-term restrictions will affect not only passenger cars but also commercial vehicles, which are vital to the transportation of goods across the country.

“In addition, the export business will be affected. Our subsidiary will export a large number of auto parts as part of Toyota’s global supply chain. If this situation continues for a long time, we are worried that our overseas customers may find new suppliers. , Because they cannot delay their production due to the shortage of parts in Malaysia. If the export business declines, this may have an impact on Malaysia’s overall economy,” he continued.

plan Invest in local hybrid vehicle manufacturingUMW Toyota said that the announcement made earlier this month may also be affected by the lockdown.

at the same time, Toyota Gazoo Racing Festival Season 4 It has also been shelved to comply with the order.just Can hold a round In March, in a season that was supposed to launch two new series to complement the existing Vios Challenge.

“Unfortunately, the ongoing pandemic and strict MCO conditions do not allow public events. This includes motorsports, so the Toyota Gazoo Racing Festival and the Vios Challenge in Season 4 were put on hold. When we were in the snow on March 2nd When the exciting first round of the Bang International Circuit, we look forward to the next two rounds and the launch of the Gazoo Racing Vios Sprint Cup and Gazoo Racing Enduro Cup,” said Takeyama, who is also the chief racing officer of Gazoo Racing Malaysia.

Zhushan urged the public to continue to abide by the government’s regulations in order to reduce the infection rate and allow the event to restart. He said: “Let us all do our part and pray that the number of Covid-19 cases will decrease rapidly and the government will be able to relax the regulations to allow public events.”


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