The University of Iowa has updated guidelines for faculty and students to talk about wearing masks and getting COVID-19 vaccines.Office of the University Provost Removed previous guidance On this topic, this restricts the conditions for faculty and staff to discuss masks and vaccines in the classroom, as well as the conditions for faculty and free speech advocates that violate academic freedom and freedom of speech.

New guide, full version here, Partly said, “As long as all parties have a say in the dialogue, you can also discuss or make a statement about the use of masks. This should not be the focus of the classroom.” Regarding vaccines, “Teachers should pay special attention to avoid discussing student vaccines. Vaccination status.” Professors must not “punish or criticize students for not wearing masks; provide practical rewards for students who wear masks, such as extra credits or higher grades; or guide students to sit in different areas of the classroom based on whether students wear masks. “


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