this University of California, San Francisco -Serving health professionals-All employees who have been authorized to work from home will continue to work from home until March 1.

“Our COVID-19 response team is constantly evaluating data about the pandemic and its impact on our community. Based on its guidance, I have determined that limiting the number of people on site to those working on campus and our facilities is currently The right course of action under the circumstances,” said announcement Friday comes from Chancellor of the Exchequer Sam Hogood.

“This extension will help us reduce the impact of the potential winter COVID-19 surge and prepare for a cold and flu season that may be worse than last year due to more social interaction. Cold and flu symptoms are usually similar to COVID- 19, and this will prevent us from meeting the COVID-19 testing and contact tracing needs of field staff and patients,” he added.

Rice University The fall semester will start online for two weeks, Reginald DesRoches, Provost Announce Thursday.

DesRoches said: “There is still much to be learned about Delta variants, and we need to pay close attention to the current surge, which is particularly noticeable in Texas. We need time to test and evaluate COVID-19 in the Rice community and its related health outcomes. And implement any appropriate risk mitigation actions, keeping in mind the effectiveness of vaccination in preventing serious diseases.”

In a separate letterUndergraduate Dean Bridget Gorman said that students living in the Houston area should postpone returning to school. She also announced, “If you currently live on campus this semester but want to move out of the campus due to the complexity of the COVID environment, accommodation and meals will be exempted from the cost of violating the accommodation contract through the following methods. Students who do not do so will move into campus completely A full refund will be given for room and board.”

Gorman added: “I believe you will be disappointed after reading this article because we find ourselves in this situation-I know I am. But even though our vision for the start of the fall school is changing, I remain optimistic that these changes reflect a relatively short-term suspension and reset opportunity, rather than a permanent change in campus life this semester.”

Rhode Island College According to reports, the class has been postponed to September 8 A letter From the principal Frank D. Sánchez to the faculty and staff.

“As we revised the timetable, we thank everyone for their understanding. This approach allows us to increase the vaccination rate of the student population and maintain a healthy and safe environment, including all teaching, Activities and activities must be provided.”

Carnegie Mellon University It was announced on Friday that all faculty and staff at the main campus in Pennsylvania, California, New York, Virginia, and Washington, DC must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

A letter from the principal, Farnam Jahanian, said: “We are especially mindful of protecting the thousands of CMU students who are about to arrive on campus, as well as students in our community who are immunocompromised or have unborn children. They are eligible for vaccination. We continue to be encouraged. Yes, as of today, 75% of faculty and staff have uploaded their vaccine files to CMU’s COVID-19 vaccine database.”

this University of Oregon with Oregon State University Become the first batch of Power 5 universities Announce According to the Associated Press, they will require people over the age of 12 to provide a vaccination certificate or COVID-19 negative test before they can participate in their football games.

The State of Oregon stated in its announcement that the decision was made in conjunction with public health authorities and “the state’s counterpart agencies.” A negative test result must be within three days of the incident.

At the University of Hawaii, due to the surge in COVID-19 cases, spectators will not be allowed to participate in the home sports event at the beginning of the season. Honolulu Star Advertiser Report.

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