[Ed note: This article was updated on April 15, 2022 and June 11, 2022 to reflect the fact that both spots have opened back up.]

A pair of Boston dining venues popular with sports fans are preparing to temporarily close.

According to sources, both West End Johnnie’s and Fenway Johnnie’s will go to sleep and post on Instagram page The statement from two places is “After careful consideration and debate, we chose to temporarily close West End Johnnie’s and Fenway Johnnie’s after brunch on Sunday 12/13.” The note continued to mention worker and customer safety issues, legislative retrogression, and The “growing commercial vacuum” in the city’s downtown area was the reason for the closure. So far, no reopening date has been given for any location, and the post said that it will continue to pay attention to the reopening announcement at some point.

The address of West End Johnnie’s is 138 Portland Street (near North Station and TD Garden), and the address of Fenway Johnnie’s is 96 Brookline Avenue (near Fenway Park).

[April 15, 2022 update: A Facebook post from the place indicates that Fenway Johnnie’s reopens today.]

[June 11, 2022 update: A new Facebook post indicates that West End Johnnie’s reopens today for “phase 1” which focuses on “nightlife only” on Friday and Saturday night, while “phase 2” begins next week (no info has been given on phase 2 as of yet).]

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