Once you enter a slot, it becomes increasingly difficult to remove it. The status quo is here because it is good at persisting.

One option, especially when you are alone, is to take your development seriously. You can spend time learning and practicing instead of simply clearing the incoming content and reacting to the knock on the door.

My friends at Akimbo have some seminars worth considering:

Freelance workshop Start tomorrow. This is about a simple idea: to be the kind of freelancer who gets better clients. Because better customers will also change your job and status.

Bernadette Giva Story Skills Workshop Starting tomorrow, I will be back. The stories we tell ourselves (and others) determine how we spend each day and who responds to us.

breakthrough Real skills meeting (Real conference, no lecture!) Will return on August 19, but you need to buy tickets in advance.

And if you haven’t, I hope you will consider Advanced Master of Business Administration. For six years, it has proven itself, and now it’s your turn to take the leap.

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