The Jaguars decided to lay off Tim Thibaud before the deadline for the 85-man roster set by the NFL on Tuesday. Tebow’s release came after he played only one preseason game in his new tight end position.

Jacksonville coach Urban Meyer admitted that breaking up with Tebow was not easy, but he knew he had to.

“It’s hard,” Meyer told reporters“We know this is a tough fight for Tim. The players love him. The locker room loves him. But that’s the right thing.”

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It is true. Tebow struggled in the only game in his new position. He failed to catch the ball and was targeted only once in 16 steals.

What’s worse is that he can’t stop it. In the late third quarter of the Jaguars vs. Browns game, Tebow scoffed at several key issues. The first one, he threw off the defender and fell to the ground.

In the next game, he barely touched his defender, and then that person blew past him and ended up losing running back Dare Ogunbowale.

After that terrible performance, Meyer felt that he must release Tebow, who had played under him during their time in Florida. How was Tebow released?

“Great,” Meyer said. “We talked last night and we talked again this morning. Just like me and everyone else.”

Will this mark the end of Tebow’s NFL career?

“I guess so,” Meyer said. “We don’t know much about it. Obviously, he is his own… an elite fighter, an elite competitor, but he is also 34 years old.”

It’s hard to imagine another team will seize Tebow’s chance. He hasn’t played the regular season since he became the Jets quarterback in 2012.

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