The Jacksonville Jaguars fired Urban Meyer with four games left in the 2021 season, but they still have business dealings with their former head coach.

When Meyer was fired by the Jaguars, he had about $50 million left on his contract. Team owner Shad Khan made it clear that Meyer was fired for a reason, but Meyer’s legal team disagreed. Months later, the contract dispute remains unresolved.

Meyer and the Jaguars still haven’t reached a settlement, a source told USA TODAY’s Jarrett Bell on Tuesday. Khan recently made his stand with his comments on the failed Meyer experiment.

“I guess how can you be around someone when you know they’re being dishonest, okay? We had Doug Marrone here for four years. We had Gus Bradley here for four years. I have only the greatest of them respect and friendship,” Khan told USA TODAY. “That’s why they have time, because it’s not about respect or truth. For four years, it’s been a matter of winning or losing. It’s a lot bigger than that.”

There were reports that Meyer had clashed with players and assistant coaches. Then there was an incident in which he allegedly kicked a former player during a preseason warm-up, although Meyer has vehemently denied this. Meyer was also seen getting along with a young woman in a viral video that surfaced after he opted not to return to Jacksonville with the team following a loss.

Disputes may take some time to resolve. Meyer is clearly not going to give in without a fight. Khan will not pay unless he is forced to pay. If there is no settlement, the third party will have to make a ruling at some point.