The culture will not change (a lot). Elements of human culture have existed for 100,000 years and have always existed. In fact, its durability is a key attribute of why it works.

People like us would do such things.

In the past ten years, the culture has undergone tremendous changes. We are impacted by a faster and broader transformation than anyone has imagined.

The combination of media, disease, technology and climate makes every week different from before.

Even early adopters and news enthusiasts often feel tired when faced with so many things.

This continuous change in our cultural foundation is strengthening the words and determination of those who want things to stay the same.

However, our conversations and debates about how to deal with cultural changes have little effect on changing the forces that shape our future. Whether we ask for it or not, change will continue. Hope and persistence will not let us return to a static world.

Our response to change is often within our control. The way we respond is how we create the next cycle of culture and possibilities.


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