B-52 bombers took off from base Fairford in the UK. They then flew over Denmark and Swedenand then flew to Estonia. While one of the machines is patrolling the skies above the country, the other is in the air zone Lithuania.

This is most likely another USAF B-52 bomber mission following their arrival in Europe on August 18 for another rotation Bomber Task Force. Over the next two months, they are to operate alongside allies across the continent on similar missions.

Powerful machines flew in from Minot, North Carolina down RAF base in Fairford in the UK.

Americans increase air force in Europe after Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine. In March, planes F-16 from Aviano air base in Italy, they were deployed to Croatia and participated in exercises with Croatian fighters MiG-21. In June F-35 from the Vermont Air base, the National Guard landed in North Macedonia, made quick refueling and crew replacement.

In June, US B-52 bombers from Barksdale Air Base in Los Angeles flew over the Black Sea.

The B-52 is an American long-range strategic bomber. First flown in 1952, used in combat, inter alia, in Vietnam War and First Gulf War.

This bomber is able to move 31,500 kg of various types of conventional weapons (bombs, mines, rockets) and nuclear bombs.