In fantasy football, there is nothing worse than spending a high draft pick on a player and only having him play eight games. Even top players who are absent for three or four weeks can ruin your season and even turn your “safest” draft pick into “bankruptcy.” There is no doubt that your “not drafted” list has some notoriously vulnerable players, but no matter who crosses the red on your rankings and cheat sheets, we must admit that even the most durable players will Injured at any time.

This fact may be the worst aspect of fantasy football. Even a health photo with a low probability of injury is always one game short in the coach’s room. What can fantasy owners do to limit the damage?In addition to drafting (hopefully) capable backups, we can use premium Draft Sharks’ injury prediction tool Determine the player most likely to be injured. Many of the highest-risk players are easy to call (Dalvin Cook, Allen Robinson, George Kittle), but others on the list may surprise you.

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Trying to avoid all “vulnerable” players is a stupid errand, but understanding the statistical risk will help you prepare for the worst and avoid drafting too many question marks. Like everything in fantasy football, everything is related to risks and rewards, costs and benefits. It is important to remember that as the NFL schedule changes to 17 games per team, the impact of injuries this year may be more profound than ever.

Shark Injury Index Use historical health information and four key data to prove the risk of injury: the probability of injury this season, expected missed games, the probability of injury per game, and endurance rating (although the injury is relatively minor, but capable of producing, five of the most durable).All of these numbers provide unique, advanced insights into players’ prospects for 2022, and are only available in Shark draughtFortunately, Draft Sharks generously provided SN Fantasy readers with their 2022 Injury Predictor tool and 50% discount for one-season subscription. Use and understand the injury risk of each player as much as possible, so that you can get the “healthiest” pick.

Below, we will highlight the five most famous players who have a considerable risk of injury in each position.

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Note: The following players are ranked according to the overall risk of injury this season (“injury risk” is defined as the probability that an injury will cause a player to miss at least two quarters).


1. Cam Newton, Patriots (92%): Newton has been struggling with injury issues late in his career, and he ranks first among quarterbacks with an average probability of injury per game (13.8%). Shark draught Newton is expected to miss 3.4 games this season.In addition to injury issues, he is also locked In the fierce competition for the QB1 position of Pats, Making him a risky starter in two QB/superflex leagues. However, his durability rating did score 5 points, so when he was in the Pats lineup, minor injuries would not prevent him from playing.

2. Carson Wentz, Colts (87%): Wentz is another QB whose name has become synonymous with injuries. After all, he has undergone foot surgery in the offseason. He is expected to miss 2.5 games, with an 11.3% chance of injury per game, which actually feels very low.

3. Tua Tagovailoa, dolphin (85%): Although Tua has only entered the second season of his career, Shark draught Seven professional injuries between college and NFL are attributed to him. A young quarterback with so many injuries is obviously worrying. He is expected to miss 2.4 games this year and has a 10.6% chance of injury per game. If he is hit, his durability rating (2) indicates that it will have a big impact on him.

4. Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers (80%): Roethlisberger is the founder and CEO of Banged-up QB club. He only missed more than four games once in a season (2019), but he seems to miss two to four games every year. He is an active QB leader in occupational injuries (19), with a 9% risk of injury per game. He has shown his ability to play effectively through bumps and bruises, which gives him a durability rating of 5.

5. Daniel Jones, Giants (79%): Jones missed two games last year and is at risk of entering 2022 behind an unstable offensive line. He is expected to miss 2.2 games and his risk of injury per game is 8.8%.

Other notable QBs: Joe Burrow, Bengal Tiger (76%)

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Run back

1. Darwin Cook of the Vikings (95%): Cook was notorious for injury issues early in his career (missed 17 games in 2017 and 2018). In the past two seasons, he has only missed four games in total and is more reliable for fantasy football owners. How long can this situation continue before his disturbing injury history surfaced again? Cook has a 16.2% chance of injury/match and is expected to miss three games this year. Would anyone be surprised if he missed more? In addition, his two-fifths durability rating is not optimistic.In fact, it is difficult to get him at the top of the draft, especially if he falls into your hands after the 4th overall pick, but there are obvious risks here.

2. Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Chief (95%): Edwards-Heller missed the three games and divisional games at the end of last season due to a hip injury. Injuries early in the running back’s career are worrying. CEH is expected to miss 3.2 games this year, and the risk of injury per game is 16.2%. Due to his extreme advantages, he may not be a player you can avoid decay completely, but there is no need to approach him.

3. Chase Edmonds, Cardinals (95%): Edmunds missed only three games in his three-year career, but he has a greater workload in 2022. Due to his short stature and thin stature, he is one of the people at the highest risk of injury in the RB and is expected to miss three games. However, his durability rating (5) shows that he is still a worthy person unless major injuries occur.

4. Miles Sanders of the Hawks (95%): Sanders was the last defender with a 95% probability of injury. Last year, he missed four games due to a hamstring injury, and this year he came here with a considerable risk of injury. In other words, his durability rating is also five.

5. Austin Ekeler, charger (94%): If Eckler can forget the season plagued by injuries last year, he will usher in an important year. The only injury rate that remains below 95% may be that he receives fewer penalties from the inside. A season ago, he missed 6 games, but is expected to miss 2.9 games this year, the risk of injury per game is 15.3 (endurance rating of 5).

Other notable RBs: Raheem Mostert, 49 (94%); Melvin Gordon, Broncos (93%); Miles Gaskin, Dolphins (93%)

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Wide receiver

1. Will Fuller, Dolphin (95%): If you have played fantasy football in the past, you probably know Fuller’s injury history (he missed 22 games in the first four seasons). Unsurprisingly, he is at the top of the list of high-risk WRs. Due to the PED suspension, he has guaranteed to miss the first week, so sustained injuries may mean missing a large number of games.

2. Kenny Grady, Giants (95%): Gorradi missed 11 games with a hamstring injury last season, and this offseason game with the Giants has aggravated his injury. There are concerns that he is on the path of injury like AJ Green and is one of the most risky receivers in fantasy football. Shark draught He is expected to miss 3.1 games in 2022.

3. Allen Robinson, Bears (95%): Robinson has been relatively healthy since missing 15 games with the Jaguars in 2017. He suffered minor injuries but was still productive, so his durability score was 4. He is expected to miss 2.9 games this season, but he is another person who is so good that he can’t completely fade out of the fantasy draft.

4. Davant Adams, Packer (94%): Adams Looks as reliable as they are on the perimeter, and it is almost hard to believe that he missed two games last year and four games the previous year. Of course, he is one of the two foreign players often selected in the first round of this year, but be prepared to accept some “suspicious” and “suspicious” names. His predictions for the three missed games match his history.

5. Julio Jones, Titans (93%): After the misfortune of his early career (missing 15 games in the first three seasons), Jones has remained relatively healthy until the 2020 season (missing 7 games). Last year’s injury allowed a 32-year-old player to start the season. The Titans allowed Julio to rest during most of the offseason training, but he is expected to miss 1.8 games. However, although he is an active leader in WR injuries (27), his durability rating is 5.

More noteworthy WRs: DeVonta Smith, Eagles (92%); JuJu Smith-Schuster, Steelers (91%); Deebo Samuel, 49ers (90%)

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Tight tail

1. George Kittle, 49 (95%): When Kittel is on the court, he is one of the top fantasy X factors in the league. Unfortunately, he has missed 10 games due to injury in the past two seasons. Shark draught He is expected to miss three games this year, which gives him a 95% chance of injury. Add him to the list of dangerous rivets that cannot fade due to injuries.

2. Rob Gronkowski, pirate (95%): With his age and limited upper limit, Gronk is not worth fighting for. He is expected to miss 3.9 games this year, so if he is your starter, you have a good substitute on hand.

3. Evan Ngram, Giants (93%): Before participating in all 16 games last year, Ingram missed at least five games in 2018 and 19. His history shows that injury problems will hit him again, as he is expected to miss 2.4 games this year. Those in the best leagues should keep this in mind.

4. Jonnu Smith, Patriots (92%): Smith sprained his ankle during the Patriots training camp this offseason and believes that he will become a risky player in 2022. He injured his ankle in Tennessee last year, but did not miss any games. Nevertheless, his ankle problem has reappeared, which is worrying. He is expected to miss 3.1 games, but his durability rating is 5.

5. Zach Oates of the Eagles (88%): Ertz has moved away from the radar that is starting to fantasize about the near end, but he will still become a streaming media factor. Although the risk of injury is low, he is expected to miss 4.4 games in 2022. His injury history and age indicate that he may have suffered more serious injuries than other TEs.

More noteworthy TEs: Kyle Pitts, Falcons (77%); Noah Fant, Broncos (76%)


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