It’s almost the weekend of July Fourth, General Motors Celebrate Independence Day earlier than most people.The celebration takes the form of A GMC Hummer EV Demonstrate the Watt to Freedom or WTF mode for us in the video.

You can watch it at the top of this article, but the idea is fairly simple.This is just a video Hummer The development vehicle accelerates as fast as possible from 0-60 mph or higher. General Motors Corporation Claims its 1,000-horsepower electric Hummer It can reach a speed of 0-60 mph in “about 3 seconds”, which is very scary for its vehicle size.

Ultra-fast time is possible when using the Watts to Freedom launch control mode, which “transforms the huge power of the propulsion system into accelerated bursts.”This truck It will still be fast during normal acceleration, but you should use WTF mode to unleash its full potential. GMC’s video shows us the graphics it uses in a digital cluster to send a watt signal to freedom. The entire sequence looks like it’s leaning against the United States. army Design and wording themes. For example, GMC lets you know that Watts to Freedom is ready through the “armed” message in the cluster.

The Hummer did not seem to make a rumbling exhaust sound and harsh tire noise, but quietly launched, all four tires grabbed and ejected the truck. It looks fast because it throws all its weight back into an accelerated squat.with In case you missed it, This is a lot of weight-GMC says it will weigh 9,046 pounds.

GMC has previously stated that production will begin at the end of 2022, and the video continues to confirm the timetable, accompanied by instructions “available in the fall of 2022.” Remember, only the sold-out Launch Edition will be launched at that time. Other cheaper variants will appear in the next few years.

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