All eyes are on Gregg Berhalter, the head coach of the U.S. men’s national team, as he prepares to announce the lineup for the country’s first World Cup qualifier since Trinidad was eliminated four years ago. .

The first three games of the 14 qualifiers were not easy.There will be two road trips to historically difficult venues in El Salvador and Honduras, as well as a home game against an up-and-coming Canadian team that has provided everything for the United States in the most recent game: Savior (September 2), and Canada (September 5), at Honduras (September 8).

Three games in 7 days is enough torture, especially for many European players who have just started the season. Considering the travel involved, the challenge of getting a good start will be huge. Therefore, Berhalt’s lineup selection needs to take into account a certain degree of lineup rotation. Outside of the goalkeeper position, it is difficult to see many players who started on September 2 come back in the high-intensity game against Canada on September 5.

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The national team can only send a roster of 23 people (11 starters and 12 substitutes) on the match day, but each national team can call a larger team to participate in the training camp and replace 23 people in each game List. The following are predictions for the list of the 26 most meaningful players in the USMNT qualifying in September:

Goalkeeper (3)

  • Zach Stephen (Man City/England)
  • Matt Turner (New England Revolution)
  • Ethan Horvath (Nottingham Forest/England)

These are three goalkeepers who plan to become the regular group throughout the qualifiers and the 2022 World Cup to provide the US team with opportunities to advance to the Qatar team. It is difficult to see any other American goalkeeper break into this group.

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The only problem with this list is that two of the names- Zach Stephen with Ethan Horvath -They are all substitutes for their clubs and did not participate in regular matches.Assuming Steffen is the starter, there may be reasons Matt Turner (Above) Get at least one qualifying start. The home game against the Canadian team will be his ideal match for his first appearance in the North American and Caribbean qualifiers because he is familiar with the Canadian team in the Gold Cup.

fail: New York City Football Club Sean Johnson If one of the top three is not available, it will be the next one.Royal Salt Lake City Goalkeeper David OchoaCalled by the United States to participate in the National League Finals in May Announced that he will represent Mexico.

Defender (8)

  • Walker Zimmerman (Nashville, South Carolina)
  • John Brooks (Wolfsburg/Germany)
  • Shakmore (Tenerife/Spain)
  • Serginho Durst (Barcelona, ​​Spain)
  • Anthony Robinson (Fulham Football Club/England)
  • Miles Robinson (Atlanta United)
  • Mark Mackenzie (Genk/Belgium)
  • Sam Waynes (Royal Antwerp/Belgium)

The above four central defenders (Walker Zimmerman, John Brooks, Miles Robinson with Mark Mackenzie) Provide adequate cover for the two central defenders.If Berhalt showed a five-man defense in the game against Canada, he might see the New York City Football Club’s James Sands got a call.

The guard position will be handled by four other players: Serginho Durst (Right or left), Anthony Robinson (Left back), Sam Waynes (Left back) and Shakmore (Rear right, bottom).

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The fiercest competition will be at the right back position, where Reggie Cannon with DeAndre Yedlin Also a candidate. The problem is that Cannon’s club situation is still changing. So far this season, he has not seen any action in Boavista in Portugal. Veteran Yedlin may be an option, but he spends the least time in Berhalt’s camp. Considering Moore’s acceptance of the USMNT system, his joining seems to make the most sense.

fail: Matt Miazga After his most recent transfer (Spain’s Deportivo Alaves), he still settled in the new La Liga team, and the veteran Tim Reem (Fulham is about to receive an injury update) and Chris Richards (Bayern Munich) is the weird man in the central defender’s musical chair.Right back Brian Reynolds (As Roma) just started his season in Italy, and apart from a few minutes off the bench this month, he didn’t play too many games.

Midfielder (7)

  • Kelly’s Acosta (Colorado Rapids)
  • Sebastian Ledgert (Los Angeles Galaxy)
  • Christian Roldan (Seattle Sounder)
  • Taylor Adams (RB Leipzig/Germany)
  • Eric Williamson (Portland Timbers)
  • Weston McKenney (Juventus/Italy)
  • Jackson Uyle (San Jose earthquake)

The midfielder chooses himself. Taylor Adams, Weston McKenney, Sebastian Ledger with Kelly’s Acosta (Bottom) is the lock. Christian Roldan with Eric Williamson During the Golden Cup, they proved to be a reliable and reliable choice on the bench. Jackson Uyle In recent months, he has declined in the depth rankings, but he is still a player that Berhalt will play without hesitation.

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fail: Valencia Yunus Moussa Usually appears in the team, but since July, an ankle ligament injury has prevented him from playing for Valencia. Given that he is still on his way back, it would be surprising to see him thrown into the qualifiers. Owen Otasovic Recently he was transferred to the Bruges club in Belgium, and this preseason has not yet seen the game.The same can be said Gianluca Busio (From Kansas City to Venice), he did not participate in the team’s matchday lineup for the opening of the Serie A season.

Forward (8)

  • Nicholas Giacini (Caen/France)
  • Christian Pulisic (Chelsea/England)
  • Gio Reina (Dortmund/Germany)
  • Josh Sargent (Norwich City/England)
  • Tim Weah (Lille/France)
  • Jordan Pefferk Sibaggio (Young boy/Switzerland)
  • Brendon Aronson (Red Bull Salzburg/Austria)
  • Matthew Hope (Schalke/Germany)

The eight are definitely a large group, but considering that Berhalt prefers to use three forwards and regular substitutes in these positions, all eight may play in qualifying in September.

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Matthew Hope (Above) After taking a break after the Gold Cup, he has been working hard to restore the health of his German club team. But considering his performance in that game, he was a worthy choice for Berhalt.Also applies to Nicholas Giacini, He came back to play for his French second division team.

Christian Pulisic There will be an asymptomatic contest against COVID, but it should be possible to choose based on the open sharing time so far during the camp opening hours. More than a week ago, he looked sharp in his first Premier League game for Chelsea.

fail: Direct current Paul Arriola And Columbus go forward Jassy Zades Both are the victims of recent hamstring injuries.Colorado Jonathan Lewis If any other players are not available, this is a potential choice. Daryl Dick After participating in the Gold Cup, he did not participate in the competition in August, and he is still the subject of transfer rumors, the European window will be closed on August 31.

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