Carli Lloyd (Carli Lloyd) will play the last game of her legendary career for the U.S. Women’s National Football Team in October this year, and then officially retire at the end of the current NWSL season.

Lloyd will play four final friendly matches with USWNT, two in September and two in October, ending her national team career. Then she will return to her NWSL club team NJ/NY Gotham FC to end the season. The regular season will end on October 30, and the playoffs will culminate in the championship game on November 20.

The 39-year-old star will make 312 appearances for USWNT and score 128 international goals. In the history of USWNT, only Kristine Lilly has more appearances, reaching 354 times.

Lloyd hinted that she would retire after the bronze medal match at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, where she became the leading Olympic shooter in USWNT history.

“Physically I feel good, but at some point I have to hang up my boots and live a life,” she said. “I know my husband is eagerly waiting for me to switch it off, because it has been 17 years… driving to the game is different.”

Lloyd’s message to fans

“When I joined the national team for the first time in 2005, my two main goals were to become the most comprehensive football player and to help the team win the championship.” Lloyd said in a statement. “Every day I set foot on the court, I played like my last game. I never wanted to take everything for granted, especially knowing how hard it is to get to the top, but it’s harder to stay at the top for so long.

“I want to thank the American football team for helping provide opportunities and memories that will last a lifetime. For the past 17 years, I have represented the team and been able to play for my country. I will never be grateful,” Lloyd said. “I will continue to support and cheer for this team, and continue to find ways to help develop the game and inspire the next generation.

“To end my career, knowing that my family can be by my side and sharing this final chapter with me, it couldn’t be more special. We will have more time together now, especially with my husband Brian. Together, he has been my rock and roll and the biggest support system for all these years. We are all looking forward to starting a new chapter in our life without my daily training and competition, but I most likely need to find another for my competitiveness Exit! Maybe it will be golf?”

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Lloyd’s legendary career

Lloyd’s career depends not only on her almost unparalleled level of play, but also on the incredible longevity of her playing for the United States in three different decades.

She represented the United States in four World Cups and four Olympic Games, while playing under five different American coaches. In total, Lloyd won two Olympic gold medals and two World Cup trophies.

Lloyd’s 128 goals in her career rank fourth in American history and tied for fifth in world history. Her 64 professional assists make her sixth in USWNT.

She won the 2015 World Cup Golden Globe Award and became the best player of this tournament. She was also named the best female player of 2015.

At the club level, Lloyd spent her entire career in the United States, except for the loan period with Manchester City, which proved her great influence in the development of women’s games.

“Through all the goals, trophies, medals and championships won, I am most proud of being able to maintain myself without apology,” Lloyd said. “My journey has always been difficult, but I can honestly say that throughout my career, I have been loyal to myself, my teammates, my coach, the media and fans. This is what I am most proud of. .

“Everyone has seen glorious moments, but I cherish the work behind the scenes and the adversity I must overcome to reach those glorious moments.”


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