Tired of waiting Is your favorite PC game coming to Switch? Valve announced its rumors today Steam deck, A handheld machine for PC games. It will be available in December 2022, and the model prices are 399 US dollars, 529 US dollars and 649 US dollars-adjusted according to storage and processing speed.

The main goal of Steam Deck is to play faithful PC games anytime, anywhere, but it has a larger scope: it is basically a handheld computer. Users can install and operate PC software on it, such as web browsers, other game stores—— include Epic Games Store and video streaming service. It can be connected to monitors and other gaming peripherals, such as keyboards and mice (the docking station contains these ports and Ethernet). Thanks to its cloud save function, players can easily obtain game save files between the Steam platform and PC. The user’s existing Steam library will run on it, basically effective immediately after logging in, because it runs on the modified SteamOS.So players can not only download things like Eternal doom, Death stranded or Hades; They can chat with Steam friends and browse Steam community forums.

Valve designer Lawrence Yang told IGN: “We don’t think people should be locked in a certain direction or a certain set of software they can install.” In an interview“If you buy the Steam platform, it is a PC. You can install anything you want on it, and you can connect any peripherals you want. Perhaps a better way to think about it is that it is a belt A small PC with a controller, not a game console.”

The appearance of the Steam Deck is exactly the same as we expect from modern portable gaming devices: a rectangle with two thumbsticks and a 7-inch LCD touch screen-although it is one inch larger than the size of the Nintendo Switch. Its resolution is 1280 x 800 pixels, and the display refresh rate is 60 Hz. Unlike Switch, Steam Deck has two square trackpads for “PC games that were never designed as handheld devices,” Valve wrote in its article. announcementThe trackpad, coupled with the console’s gyroscope function, should help aim, shoot, and move the game’s camera. Despite the poor performance of the trackpad, Valve stated that the latency of the Steam Deck will be reduced by 55% compared to the Steam controller.

Somewhat unexpectedly, the Steam Deck also has four rear buttons on the back of the console-Xbox Elite controller addicts have been preaching this for years. Their functions are very similar to keyboards and can be fully customized according to the user’s key binding preferences.

The Steam Deck is equipped with 64, 256 or 512 GB of storage space, depending on the model, and a microSD card slot-to help install large games optimized for PCs, such as Death stranded, which one May not even be suitable On this 64 GB base model. It has 16 GB of RAM and claims a battery life of 7 to 8 hours.After experiencing the device in person, IGN commentators said that it remains “comfortable and cool” in all games, including things like Star Wars: Fallen Order of the Jedi. IGN compared the power of its 2 teraflop AMD accelerated processing unit (the combination of CPU and graphics card, this Customized by AMD for Valve) To Xbox One or PlayStation 4. Its reviewers stated that due to its 720p resolution target, Steam Deck can run current PC games smoothly at medium or high settings. (Oddly, it may even be disappointing, not 1080p.)

Valve has a history of releasing advanced hardware that was not very successful.Its 2015 Steam Machine is a pre-built, Linux-based gaming computer Run Steam and Steam games. It failed. Three years later, Valve quietly deleted the reference to the hardware. Commenters condemned its poor technical performance and unstable software.Also in 2015, Valve released its beloved Steam Link, which can promote wirelessly PC game on TV monitor And mobile devices. Valve stopped supporting it in 2018. Valve has also invested heavily in VR headsets, which are well received, but Not very popular.

The Steam Deck seems a bit too good to be true, but for now, I will be a voluntary participant in its portable PC gaming vision: PC gaming anytime, anywhere Is the future. The same is true for connecting anywhere to any place.

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