British Silverstone—— Max Verstappen drag Lewis Hamilton Won pole position for the British at the start of the first sprint qualifying race of Formula One Grand prize And destroyed the return of the seven-time champion.

Hamilton initially seemed satisfied with the failure and showed a passion for format and fan energy at the crowded Silverstone circuit.

“I don’t know what it will look like from the fans,” Hamilton said on an open-air cart for “podium” riders as they were taken around the stands.

For him, Hamilton said on the trolley that the format of the first sprint is “more enjoyable. We should do more of this, or make a version in the future.”

He changed his attitude at the post-match press conference, and Hamilton admitted with a sullen face that he once again lost to Verstappen and Red BullHamilton said he didn’t like this format-it also cost him another point in the standings.

The Dutch extended his lead over Hamilton by winning the sprint and led the beloved local driver by 33 points in Sunday’s Grand Prix.

“In my opinion, there needs to be a Saturday and Sunday weekend,” Hamilton said.

Verstappen and third place Valtteri Bottas stated that they prefer the traditional three-round qualifying and pointed out that they are more willing to use track time for practice.

Leader of F1 It has been recognized that the series needs to be updated because its audience is beginning to reach a key group of young people, so they tried something new this weekend. After a practice match was cut and transitioned to the preferred knockout qualifying on Friday, Hamilton won the match.

But this is just to set the starting line for Saturday’s sprint race-this is very risky, because drivers may not always push hard because they are afraid of damaging their car a day before the points are not online.

This is not a problem, because Verstappen is very lively from the moment he pounces on Hamilton, because Verstappen’s front left tire heats up the flame. Fernando Alonso On the opening lap, he jumped from 11th to 5th, and finally finished 7th. Sergio Perez Jr. crashed.

When Verstappen drove away from Hamilton at the beginning, any chance of Hamilton eventually surpassing the champion leader was lost.

“They did a great job with the engine, and they started this year very well,” Hamilton said. “We lost some performance in the beginning, so we have to work harder to improve this.”

Verstappen won three points and took pole position in the full Grand Prix on Sunday. This allowed Verstappen to win for the fourth consecutive time, all from pole position.

Red Bull has won five consecutive victories, including Perez’s victory. When Perez crashed on the fifth lap and finally finished, he was the biggest victim of the experimental qualifying.

After the game, Verstappen, Hamilton and Bottas did not get on the podium, but instead boarded the trolley to celebrate the difficult game. Verstappen wore an old-fashioned championship wreath around his neck, and when they passed, all three drivers waved to the fans.

For the fans, Hamilton is very happy, but apologizes for the failure.

Hamilton said: “I have to give all these fans a lot of love. I can’t tell you how great the energy I get from them.” “I’m sorry I didn’t win; we will fight again tomorrow.”

Verstappen is satisfied with the victory.

“It’s nice to get these three points,” he said. “We played well with Lewis on the first lap.”

Hamilton scored two points in second place. Bottas won the last point awarded on Saturday.

Hamilton hasn’t won a race at the Spanish Grand Prix on May 9, but Silverstone has long been Mercedes Base camp and the team have won seven of the past eight British Grand Prix. Hamilton won six of them.


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