On this page we discuss Virtua. A virtual reality environment on the blockchain. I immediately wondered why, but when I saw NFTs passing by, I immediately understood. Play VR games, make VR games yourself and watch live events via VR. It’s all possible via the Virtua network.

In this article I will explain why a VR company is settling on the blockchain and how NFTs work on the network. In addition, we look at the Virtua forecast, the Virtua coin and we examine the potential for the future. What will the Virtua crypto do?

What is Virtua?

Virtua is an ecosystem that revolves around sharing, trading and interacting with NFTs. It is a unique marketplace for NFTs brought to life through VR and AR. Put on your glasses and find yourself in the Terra Fancave. Fill your cave with all your NFTs and play with them as you walk through your cave.

It is a cross-platform system, which means that you can also trade your NFTs via your app. The interesting thing about NFTs is that you own 100% of them. When you sell NFTs from your Fancave you get TVK coins in return. You can buy other NFTs with this, but you can also cash out in FIAT.

Because Terra Virtua uses blockchain technology, they tackle a number of problems that the game industry has to deal with. This also applies to this problem: As I mentioned before, you can make your own games on the network. This also includes in-game items.

Now you can’t just trade your skin from Call of Duty Warzone outside the blockchain with Cristiano Ronaldo from FIFA. This is possible on the blockchain. Terra Virtua takes advantage of this and provides an open marketplace where you can trade different items with each other.

Since Virtua is a gaming platform, they also want to host large events. This is also one way they make money. Think, for example, of large Esport events that are hosted in a Virtual Reality stadium. This not only generates ticket revenue, but also advertising money.

Imagine a community that imagines itself in the world of Terra Virtua. They play their games and at the same time they sell an NFT. Moments later, they can decide to buy tickets for a performance of their favorite band, or go to an Esport event.

What does the Virtua course do?

The TVK price can be seen on Coinmarketcap since December 2020. The TVK value was then about $0.05. The project has been around since 2017, but it took a while before they hit the market. When they finally did this they started with private sales and finally an ICO.

They raised a total of $2.6 million. Not a huge amount, but enough to make a good start I would say. The Virtua price is currently at a value of $ 0.046175. During the ICO, the TVK price was $0.012.

Since December 2020, the TVK price has fluctuated quite a bit. In the beginning it was still fairly quiet, but in February 2021 the price started to rise significantly. After a month, the exchange rate was already at $1.12. A huge difference from the price during the ICO, but this didn’t last long. The price soon began to fall. The Virtua rate difference was in the last 24 hours -0.46%.

Now the price of a coin is of course important to follow if you are considering getting in. It may be important for your own research that you use additional data. You can find this below.

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What is the Virtua forecast for 2022 – 2027?

In the first part of this article it was already indicated that the Virtua crypto is not just a game platform, but that they want to offer the full package. The focus is still on the gaming. The game developers on the platform are therefore well rewarded for their creations.

Developers who already have experience in creating VR games can easily adapt their games for use on the TVK platform. The platform has its own patented API. This makes them virtually compatible with all major VR systems. Think Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Some benefits for developers:

  • Fast payouts instead of the usual 45 to 60 days from Google and Steam.
  • The Terra Virtua technology allows the developer to put their games and in-game items online without the hassle of bureaucracy.
  • Developers can advertise their skills on the marketplace and also rent Terra Virtua spaces to showcase their content. This can serve as a virtual store.

There are already quite a few game makers that work on the blockchain. For example, consider Enjin. The big difference, though, is that TVK focuses on VR and they offer much more than just games and a marketplace for NFTs. Of course you have to love VR yourself, but the VR market is growing every year.

If this continues to pick up and the NFT market also becomes popular, this could be positive for the Virtua expectation. Of course, user numbers must continue to rise and the idea of ​​showing esports at their stadium must catch on. This and external factors all affect the TVK prognosis.

An indicator that you can use for your own research is the trading volume in the TVK coin. If the trading volume increases, confidence in the coin may increase. In the past 24 hours, TVK .’s trading volume was $ 4,615,672. The higher this volume, the higher the liquidity.

Below you see historical TVK price data.

Historical Price for The Virtua Kolect

Date Open Close High Low Volume

What is the use of the Virtua coin?

Doing your own research will make you think twice before buying a coin. It can be good to look at the use case, but the market also plays a major role in the crypto world. There are many predictions on the internet, but no site has a crystal ball. So don’t get hung up on one Virtua price prediction.

Although you may find the potential of the use case so fantastic, the TVK expectation may still be different than you thought. The crypto world has been dormant for a long time while the blockchain companies have worked hard. The use case often had little effect on the price.

So keep an eye on the market and not just the Virtua coin. In the past seven days, the difference in TVK rate -13.42% been.

Huidige supply 434,102,716 TVK Maximale supply 1,200,000,000 TVK
% difference 24h -0.46% % difference 7D -13.42%

Where to buy Virtua?

Buying TVK is not difficult, but it can come with risks. Searching for the right entry point can sometimes be expensive. In the end, you’re the one doing it and you can’t blame anyone else. So be careful. You are not the first to use his savings to invest and then lose everything.

Predictions are always uncertain and there are many factors that can influence the TVK price. One of these is scarcity, for example. One reason to buy crypto can be the number of coins already issued. If almost all coins have already been issued, there will be scarcity. This can affect the price.

For Virtua there are currently 434,102,716 TVK coins available with a total supply of 1,200,000,000 TVK. The total market cap is $ 20,055,481.

If you are willing to buy TVK, you can do so on several exchanges, including Binance. If you have not yet created an account, you can easily do so via this link.

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