The end of manual transmission began more than ten years ago.By 2010, the reduction in the number of self-sufficient cattle herds had become so severe that Car and driver Started it Save the manual activity July of that year. now, Cars and sports report (translation) The report says Volkswagen The manual will begin to withdraw vigorously within two years. AMS stands for third generation Tiguan It is expected that no manuals of any model will be provided in 2023, and the new Passat Lineups arriving in the same year will also bypass the manual option.As Volkswagen moves towards its goal of 70% of sales electric car By 2030, sales Achieve a pure electric vehicle series in Europe by 2035, Abandoning the manual will save development costs. If you haven’t heard of it, public You want all the money you can get because the cost of developing an electric car is staggering.

this AMS The article only mentioned the Volkswagen brand and specified the European, American and Chinese markets, but it is certain that this will be a group-wide initiative.Group’s sub-brand seats and Skoda Selling remanufactured Volkswagens, so turning off the standard gearbox faucet will also dry them out.The manual transmission is set to work with the internal combustion engine, and Audi has said it will stop production Develop new internal combustion engines. Lamborghini, Bentley, with Bugatti Not engaged in manual transmission business.Then stay Business vehicle With Man and Scania truck. Large drilling rigs have been switched to automatic transmissions with ID Buzz Goods come from When it comes, even the white work cars will be led by the bus group.For those of us who still like manual shifting, it seems PorscheLike Obi-Wan, it will be our only hope.

On the other side of the world, Australia branch drive Said Its source “indicates that [AMS] The article is accurate,” a spokesperson for Volkswagen said in Australia Added: “We are very advanced in this area-here, manuals as a percentage of total sales are very low.” according to EdmondsOf the 327 models sold in the United States last year, 41 offered manual transmissions, accounting for 13%.The actual adoption rate is much lower; CarMax, the nation’s largest used car auto dealer, Said its handmade sales last year Only 2.4% of total sales. In 2019, Toyota says only 1% of Corolla buyers Chose the manual, and 33% of quickly Buyers do the same. The number of BRZ seems to be able to make up, but considering that the sales of BRZ in the US in 2019 were 3,398 units, and 222,125 units corolla, Mathematics explains why manual transmission drivers will soon live in caves lit by torches.

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