Upcoming spy photos Volkswagen ID.Buzz electric minivan So far Testing mules with improved transporters. But now there are a few photos User Cole Marzen shared on Twitter Let us see Buzz for the first time, it seems to be its body to exercise Dealer. It is of course similar to this concept, although there are some notable changes.

On the front of ID.Buzz, the hood panel looks wider than conceptually. The badge is slightly smaller and higher at the intersection with the chrome strip between the headlights. This may provide more family connections for the rest of the ID. line. Further down, we can see some of the air intakes of the air curtain, as well as the grille that looks like fog lights and is quite large. But these may just be stickers used to disguise the van. It is difficult to determine the low resolution of the image.

Moved to the side, the headlights are still surrounded by sharp creases, which are perfect for providing two-tone paint work. In fact, this crease is even more obvious than the conceptual crease. The greenhouse also looks very similar to this concept, although the rear pillar is significantly thinner.

The rear looks very traditional, with more square corners and an aerodynamic spoiler above the hatch. In contrast, this concept has a rounder, more bubbly back. But the crease continued, and the license plate was installed very low to retain some of the classic van appearance.

Production ID.Buzz will be announced next year, Start sales in 2023 As a 2024 model.We expect it will borrow its power system ID.4, Provide single-motor rear-wheel drive or dual-motor all-wheel drive.

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