We caught a glimpse Volkswagen ID almost undisguised.Weekend buzzBut now we have professional Spy photos A very similar prototype to check. The retro electric truck still retains most of the unique clues in the concept, but there are various appearance changes.We also look inside, it seems to be borrowed a lot Existing ID card.Model.

In the front, we can see the round face and smiling hood This concept, Although the hood is wider and does not extend as far as the front. The headlights look very similar, they surround the corners, and the crease marks where the two-tone paint job will split. The lights are now connected by chrome bars, and the badge has been moved up to cross the bars more like other IDs. car. Unlike this concept, some traditional fog lamps are stuffed into the corners of the bumper. The diamond-shaped grille opening continues, but is much larger.

In the outline, more subtle changes can be seen. The overall shape is close to the concept, but we can see that the hood extends farther from the windshield.It seems that the pillars between the windows may be blacked out instead of being highlighted colour, The posterior column is significantly thinner.Interestingly, this prototype does not have a driver’s side door, so it may be a variant of the delivery panel car, what is this public Was teased for a while.

The back is probably the most different part in appearance. It is flatter and more square than this concept. It now also has an aerodynamic spoiler on the top. The rear license plate has been moved from the bumper area to a higher position above the hatch, but it is still lower on the hatch to maintain the appearance of the concept.

As for the interior, at least so far, it looks like a very traditional ID. The steering wheel, instrument panel and infotainment system come directly from Volkswagen’s current electric products. That being said, all these components are bolted to a basic plastic dashboard with switches and vents, which are definitely not produced. Therefore, Volkswagen is likely to still be working on the interior. We will observe other prototypes and see what internal changes will happen. This concept is characterized by a super minimalist dashboard with a large screen that flips up from the center console. We don’t expect that kind of wild stuff, but may be inspired by this look.

We are getting closer and closer to the ID card. Buzz will be announced next year. It will go on sale next year. We expect it will borrow its drivetrain from other IDs. Models with single motor and rear-wheel drive or dual motors for all-wheel drive.

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