The Volvo PV544 may not be the most well-known model in Gothenburg. It is used by Amazon and P1800 Contemporary and later boxy models. However, because Girl Gang Garage is a network of women dedicated to increasing gender diversity in the automotive industry, fastback cars in the 1960s gained new life.

The team has been working on the development of Iron Maven, a customized 1961 PV544 that will debut at this year’s SEMA auto show on November 2. Now, the project is going through Volvo Cars USA and Girl Gang Garage founder and leader Bogi Lateiner-the former aims to increase the number of female technicians in its retail network through an accelerated training program for existing technicians, recent graduates and veterans quantity.

With the support of Volvo, the team is using modern technology from Phoenix, Arizona to install this barn in Phoenix, Arizona S60 Recharge T8 Polestar designThese include a 415-horsepower 2.0-liter dual-charge plug-in hybrid system, Öhlins suspension, vehicle control systems, and even Sensus infotainment system.

Iron Maven is the third all-female building in Girl Gang Garage and the most complex to date. It is the largest building of its kind, involving more than 150 women from all over the world. The group also received assistance with selected components and system integration from Volvo Cars technical support teams in the United States and Sweden. PV544 will accept major modifications, custom 3D printed components, hand-made and technical analysis to ensure that the car has classic, current and forward-looking elements.

Both Volvo Cars and Girl Gang Garage hope to bring changes to women in the automotive industry and provide truly lasting career opportunities. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, women account for only 9% of car repair and maintenance jobs, while the average sex ratio of women in other industries is 46%.

To help solve this inequality, Volvo is seeking to increase the number of female maintenance technicians and offers a series of development programs, scholarships, partnerships and other measures at its American training center. This includes a commitment to 50/50 gender-neutral leadership in recruitment and promotion, and a greater focus on supporting Volvo’s transition to a fully electrified lineup.

On the other hand, Girl Gang Garage offers a series of year-round courses and activities at its main location in Phoenix, as well as virtual and off-site courses for various skill levels. These programs and the Iron Maven project are also related to the school’s technical, vocational and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) learning.

Anders Gustafsson, President and CEO of Volvo Cars America, said: “Looking forward to the next decade, the automotive industry will see new technologies, embrace electrification, transform manufacturing methods, and find ways to build relationships with customers. An innovative way to connect.”

“With these advancements, one of our biggest challenges will be to develop a strong and diverse talent pipeline and an inclusive culture to support this transformation. Investing in programs that increase the representation of women and minorities in the automotive industry The future of Volvo Cars’ business and the future of the entire automotive industry is of utmost importance.”

Lateiner added: “The original form of the two cars is very unique, each car carries its own legacy, and the number of skills required by our female technicians to combine these two Volvo cars into one is incredible. , It’s unbelievable.

“There are many very talented women in this industry. When people have this kind of learning opportunity, they will have a strong interest. I am very happy to cooperate with Volvo Cars. Not only will this construction become a reality, but the joint efforts of women can achieve Concrete examples of the power of


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