We have seen Remark refrigerator Prove its quarter mile advantage Its unofficial record time. But just to help solve the problem, Rimac and YouTube channel DragTimes (Hat tip arrive Roads and tracks) Bring out one Tesla Model S Grid confronted it head-on.

As we discussed, Rimac can reduce drag time by 8 seconds, while Tesla In the low 9-second range. This brought a foreseeable victory for Rimac. Despite this, the video shows that Tesla is still very fast, especially considering that it has one less motor, a reduction of about 900 horsepower, and an increase of about 100 pounds in weight. When offline, Tesla will stay close, but the raw power of Rimac will soon be able to take them away, the farther they go, the farther they go.

The first game starts at approximately 4:15 timestamp. They ran the car 3 times, and the second time, the reaction time of the two drivers was almost the same. Therefore, you will not have a clearer understanding of the difference in the straight-line performance of the car.

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