This is official Goodwood Festival of Speed time!This means it’s time to watch hours of legendary roads and cars racing on the track Good wood For the next four days, I was in Hill in the south of England every day.From today to the end of Sunday, all climbing movements can be found On Goodwood’s YouTube channel — We have embedded the real-time video you want at the top of this article.

You need to start watching the race at a reasonable time (due to time zone differences) to catch up with the earlier races, but if their courses go as planned, most cars will go up the mountain multiple times in a day. Basically, if you don’t wake up at dawn, don’t worry about missing it. You can also rewind YouTube videos at any time.

It’s time to pay attention New car Reveal that there is always a lot of it around Goodwood.We have got Lotus Emira with New BMW 2 Series, Both of which were announced together with the incident.Expect more from cars like this Genesis G70 shooting brake And others we don’t know yet.

You can go back to this article every day and find the right video waiting for you, so I have been listening to some lovely British car mornings throughout the weekend.


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