Ferrari Rome Named after one of the most beautiful cities ItalyIn a strange turn of events, an Italian city may have a street named after a Roman after a person is trapped in a narrow street (if its mayor has a sense of humor). A video that appeared on YouTube showed that this luxury station wagon worth more than $225,000 scraped the corners of the centuries-old building.

The location of the video is undecided. It was shot on a small street, partly paved with cobblestones, located somewhere in Italy.There are thousands Street Meet this description.They are picturesque and we fully understand the temptation to explore them, but the driver seems to have forgotten Roma Not a car.77.7 inches wide, which is about three and a half inches narrower than Chevrolet SuburbsMoreover, although “low headroom” signs are common all over the world, “narrow street” signs are rare.

It looked like a Roman (barely) until the narrowest part of the street trapped its quarter panel. Seeing that the coupe was stuck, a bystander tried to help the driver pass, but when a probably very angry woman ran over with her hands raised, he stopped.At this point, bystanders call it: zero means Ferrari And a street.

The video did not show the consequences, so we can only guess how Ferrari was released and how much damage it caused by driving (or being towed away). To be sure, drivers now understand why small cars dominate in Italy. And, nThere are signs that this street will be named after a Roman, but this will be a creative way to stimulate tourism.

Although it is easy to blame this incident on human error, especially when we talk about a car that is more expensive than an ordinary house, it is important not to forget the possibility of technology playing a role in integrating Rome into the architecture of its home country. The navigation app does not know that your Ferrari is too wide for the street they sent you to. You are ultimately responsible for your driving style, cornering position, and detours, but the main point here may be “don’t blindly follow instructions” rather than “don’t blindly think it’s suitable.”

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