New York Auto Show Doesn’t happen anymore, but Nissan In any case, the Z reveal is still going on. Just as Nissan should have such a grand display, it is broadcasting the event live on YouTube. This means that you and everyone else can see the car and hear about it directly from Nissan.

The live event will begin tonight at 8pm Eastern Time. West Coasters will be able to listen at the end of the work bell at 5 pm Pacific time.

Of course, we already have a good understanding of what is about to happen. First, Nissan will announce the final name. Z prototype This is everything we have known in the past year or so, because Nissan has not yet revealed what figures the latest generation of Z cars will be equipped with (maybe 400Z?). Assuming the leaked image Not long ago, the news of this production car also appeared, which shows that the Z Proto is almost a dead end for the production car.

It also confirmed that it is equipped with a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine, which we know is capable of producing at least 400 horsepower (in Q50 Red Sport 400). Nissan said it will be equipped with a manual transmission, and the photos inside the Z Proto indicate that the Z will eventually be fully modernized. Look forward to all the latest and greatest technologies that Nissan will provide for infotainment systems, dashboards and other assistive technology projects.

Once launched, we can make all the comparisons between the production car and the gorgeous Z Proto. However, seeing how beautiful the Proto is, we have a feeling that the production Z may be the best-looking car iteration we have seen in a long time. Guys, please be sure to set an alarm clock for tonight, because it will be a good alarm clock.

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