The wind caught everyone’s attention. The wind is whistling, the wind is blowing…but the wind is very light.

On the other hand, the current is long-lasting and heavy.

On the river, the current of the water can propel the canoe more than the wind. But the wind distracted us.

Back on land, the current looks like an education industry complex, or the ratchet of network effects or Moore’s Law, and cultural trends that have lasted for decades. The present is our enduring class, race, and gender system, as well as a strong industrial economy. It can be overcome, but it requires concentration.

On the other hand, the wind is the current breaking news, the latest social media sensation and the thin layer of hype surrounding us. This may be a useful distraction, but our real job is to overcome the current or change it.

It helps to see it first and ignore the wind as much as possible.


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